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Spring and Windsor Blue!

Hi Sorrelli family! 

This week I am so excited because we are launching our new Spring collection that has me feeling, super Spring! It’s our Windsor Blue collection!

Here you can see I am wearing it all layered up in a mixed metal fashion, totally my jam!  



So starting off, these earrings are our Cushion Cut Solitaire Studs, a Sorrelli staple. I wear these earrings all the time. Although I usually wear them in crystal, these pairs feature a stone called Ocean delight, which is a beautiful, milky, complex crystal. They’re set in our Palladium finish and they look so beautiful, definitely planning on wearing them all summer.




The necklace I’m wearing matches perfectly with these earrings. It’s the Jules Tennis Necklace. I was completely unaware of the name when I put this necklace on and I thought it was so cool because our new son’s name is Julian (we call him Jules for short) and with this necklace being the Jules I just thought that was such a cool coincidence. This is also in a silver tone palladium finish and has lots of mixed stones. 

I think I said earlier that I like mixed metals, so in addition to the Jules Tennis Necklace is our Brianna Pendant Necklace in bright gold. It actually debuted as part of our Spring Urban launch last weekend. 

This is one of my favorite and oldest pieces, about 15 years old to be exact. It was part of our Mimi collection, not sure if many of you remember that collection? It pre-dated our Urban line. Anyways, this was part of our Aztec collection and you can totally still get it! You just need to place a special order which you can do right here:

Another addition to our Windsor Blue collection is our Annika Cuff  Bracelet. It looks very similar to another Sorrelli staple, our Riveting Romance Cuff Bracelet. Not to mention, one of my closest friends from high school’s name is is Anika. So between Annika and Jules, I am really resonating with these namesake pieces today! 



As you can see, these pieces are just an amazing dose of Spring and I am so excited for this launch because now we get to share all this new Spring sparkle with you! 

Check out the entire collection here

Happy Shopping! 




Check out the full Wine Wednesday below! 



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