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Our Mission

We believe businesses can be a force for good in the world, and we aim to be one. 

Yvon Chouinard at Patagonia has always been one of our heroes. As one of the most ambitious and innovative executives in the world, his organization inspires us with constant innovations in circularity and a core mission to protect the environment and human rights. That is why every year, we make strides to live and breathe our ethos of sustainability, with the ultimate goal to become the "Patagonia of the Jewelry Industry." This page is a living, breathing document that shows the steps that we are taking to achieve our goals, one day at a time.

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Made to last: We run our own production studio and make all of our pieces by hand. That means we can repair and refurbish any one of our designs, no matter how long ago it was bought. We don’t want our pieces to end up in landfill if a stone falls out, so we commit to keeping  them in shape to last a lifetime, and into future generations.

Produced responsibly: No materials go to waste. We recycle all of our cardboard and paper in our factory and distribution center. We re-use materials like boxes and polybags. And we store all wastewater from our factory, so a contractor can clean the water to local government’s environmental standards.

Packaged responsibly: We swapped styrofoam packing peanuts for biodegradable tissue paper for all shipments. Our earring trees are made out of steel and wood, much more environmentally friendly materials than plastic.

Slow fashion:We are not a “wear for the next 3 months” fast fashion brand, but prefer timeless, slow fashion: pieces that appeal to a lasting sense of style, not a short-lived trend.

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Soldering our pieces, keeping the lights on, transporting jewelry across the globe, it all requires a lot of energy. So we are continually trying to reduce our carbon footprint. This is what we are doing today:

Carbon offset: For every package shipped, we provide funds to plant a tree. This offsets the amount of carbon needed to ship that package. For every package our partner EcoDrive plants a mangrove tree, one of the most oxygenating trees in our environment. Just 10 trees planted represent 6,800 lbs of CO2 offset!

Minimize energy: We converted our entire factory and retail store to LED lighting to reduce our energy consumption.

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We try our best to avoid waste, but what happens when we have obsolete items? A circular business model means we want to be responsible for everything we produce from cradle to grave.  

Upcycled Designs: For everything we make, we create factory samples. When the season is over these are sold in a sample sale. However, our sample earrings are all single items (not pairs), so in 2020 we embarked on our first upcycled product, and we turned those into unique wine charm sets. This was our first example of an upcycled product, and we can’t wait for more!

3rd Party Reuse: All our office paperwork is shredded and converted to household paper products by a 3rd party.

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Next: Continue to Grow & Improve

There are many more ideas on the horizon, this is only the beginning!

1. Biodegradable Materials for all packaging, including plastic earring cards and the poly bags we use to ship & store our items.

2. Secondhand Marketplace to sell your personal Sorrelli collection. Making someone else happy and keeping products in use for longer. We’re exploring partnerships to make it happen!

3. Innovative responsible materialsreplacing new materials. Think of using recycled glass and plastic, but also alternatives to mined semi-precious stones such as turquoise, rose quartz, or sodalite. Imagine a “turquoise” like stone made out of ocean plastic.

4. Product Take-Back Program so you can send old Sorrelli pieces back for a discount on future purchases. We’d use these secondhand pieces to create new upcycled products

5. More Upcycled Products like one-of-a-kind buttons for grandpa cardigans to make them feel cool, luxe, and sustainable! Or embellished vintage jean jackets with crystal-studded collars made from up-cycled Sorrelli pieces.

6. Rental Program, similar to Rent the Runway or Rocks Box who pioneered this alternative to ownership. We are exploring ways to launch our own Sorrelli rental platform.

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