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Sorrelli offers a lifetime guarantee on all products, a promise we have kept for almost four decades. 100% hand-crafted has been our value from day one. We do not mass produce, each piece is soldered by hand.

Our jewelry features crystals, semi-precious stones, and multi-faceted crystals sourced from all over the world. Jeweler’s brass base metal is flash plated in a variety of finishes like 14k rose gold, rhodium and 10k bright gold. These fine materials ensure Sorrelli is of the highest quality.

We feel it is our responsibility to stand behind all of our products with our Lifetime Guarantee, to not contribute to the waste of fast fashion. No matter how long ago you purchased a Sorrelli piece, you can always send it back for repairs. There is nothing that makes us happier than to have our pieces be handed down from generation to generation. We set out to design heirlooms that will be passed down for generations, just as our business has been passed from one generation to the next.

To learn more about repairs and other services we offer, click on any image below.

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Repairs & Special Services


So sorry to hear you have a broken piece! Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Our lifetime promise covers free repairs and servicing of any defect in our craftsmanship for life, you just pay the shipping! And, if an item is damaged due to causes other than our craftsmanship, we’re able to repair it for a small fee. The link below will take you to our repair form, fill it out and we’ll get working on it for you! We’ve got your back.


Lost an earring? We HATE when that happens. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Simply fill out our repairs form and check the box at the bottom that says "Make-A-Mate/Replace”. The cost to create the mate is 1/2 the current price of the original earring set. We’ll send you an email with the cost before processing. Easy-peasy!


We have a few tips and tricks to care for your jewelry over on our FAQ page. That said, if your pieces are in need of a more professional scrub, we offer professional cleanings on any of our genuine Sorrelli jewelry pieces. We promise, the piece will look as new as the first time you wore it.

Our professional cleaning service is available for a flat fee of $10.00 per piece (or per pair of earrings). Simply fill out our repairs form and check the box at the bottom that says "Cleaning”.

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