Repairs Form

Repairs are currently taking about 10 weeks now to complete. Due to a surge in order volume and the holiday shopping season.

If at any point your Sorrelli pieces need repair, please send them to our Repair Department. Our lifetime guarantee applies to all Sorrelli jewelry with the original brass tag, regardless of where the item was purchased.

While we can not reimburse you for the shipping costs when you send us your piece for repair, we will happily send the repaired, good-as-new piece from our headquarters to your home.

Please fill out our repairs form below, so we can begin the repair process for your Sorrelli. Providing as much information as you can about where you purchased your item and what is in need of repair, is greatly appreciated. Depending on the extent of the repair, or any special requests for the piece may take up to 6-8 weeks to be returned to you.

If you are sending in an earring for repair, please send in BOTH earrings. All repairs come with a complimentary cleaning, and we would like to keep your pair of earrings sparkling.

Please provide some detail about the item(s) that you are returning for repair, including the order or invoice number (if known) associated with your purchase.

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