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Spring 2021 Collections

Spring 2021 Collections

As the winter snow starts to melt away, and the flowers begin to blossom, we can finally see Spring on the horizon! Get excited for brighter & warmer days ahead with this exclusive sneak peek at our Spring 2021 Collections. Mark your calendars for Nantucket Blue, which will be the first collection to premiere on and the Kutztown store this Friday, February 26th!

Lisa’s inspiration normally starts with the materials. This Spring she was inspired by some of her old materials, and she ended up soldering some small pieces together that have the look of an eyelet. They started to resemble a metal crochet or lace, so Lisa decided to call the look “modern eyelet.”  In these collections are the new DeLite stone offerings by Swarovski, which we're super excited about! They take a clear based stone, then put a light AB finish on the back of it and paint them different colors. We love these stones because they’re a little bit more muted than Swarovski’s regular AB’s.

Some of Lisa’s other inspirations for the Spring collections were charm looks, and bigger earrings for summer that are lightweight and easy to wear!

Nantucket Blue

Inspired by the northern coast, featuring blues, champagne, and clear crystals, set in a rhodium finish.

Inspired by the serene blues of northern coastal waters, Nantucket Blue’s champagne and clear crystals pair perfectly with coin pearls in delicate crown bezel settings. 

Lavender Peach

Calming hues of light lavender, crystal, and peach, set in a rose gold finish.

This season, our design team worked with brass jeweler’s metal to create a modern eyelet motif, playing off the traditional cotton eyelet we see in textiles. These pieces are adorned with soft peach delite, light amethyst, and light rose to create a feminine, playful collection.


Blooming reds, pinks, and crystals adorn this collection - set in a bright gold-tone finish.

Charmed, I’m sure! Bold pinks, blooming reds, and starburst crystals combine with modern charms and chunky chains to bring the late spring feeling to your wardrobe!


A collection of trending styles with filigree details and coin pearl accents. Available in a variety of finishes.

Which Spring Collection are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments down below, and sign up for e-mails to be the first to know when they premiere! 

Spring 2021 Collections from Sorrelli Jewelry on Vimeo.


3 Responses

Juanita Vega DeJoseph

Juanita Vega DeJoseph

March 02, 2021

Love this backstory piece on your inspiration! Especially thinking outside the box with the crochet, and fabric eyelet – you really made it come thru in the pieces. The info on the way these stones by Swarovski is way cool-thank you for sharing!



February 26, 2021

Would love to know when the Begonia collection debuts. Thanks!

Sharon Leigh Ellard

Sharon Leigh Ellard

February 26, 2021

Love all but especially blue. Can’t wait to see them all🥰

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