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Lisa's Plant Room

Lisa's Plant Room

Today we’re here to talk to you about the Tulip collection, and to show you Lisa’s amazing plant room! The plant room is GOALS, and a happy haven away from the never-ending snow we’ve been getting in Pennsylvania. The plants stay outside during the summer, and they all get brought inside when the temperature drops in Fall. Lisa says her only regret is that she didn’t make her plant room the whole house, and we don’t blame her. 🤣


Some of the plants that are currently blooming are a Christmas cactus, cuban oregano, and one of Lisa’s favorite plants- rose geranium. It’s a type of geranium plant with leaves that smell strongly like roses, and it freshens up the whole room! 

One of Lisa’s succulents even matches a stone in the Tulip collection called Amazonite, which is a bluish green semi-precious stone. You can see it above next to the Tatiana Tennis Bracelet.


The blooms in the plant room are a perfect match to the Tulip collection. It features refreshing pastel styles set in our high shine premium rhodium finish, and is a great way to add some sparkle to your Pre-Spring wardrobe.

Lulu Pendant Necklace
Zoe Hoop Earrings

Tatiana Statement Necklace

Break through the winter gloom with a fresh bloom! What do you think of our Tulip collection?


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Mariet Constantine

Mariet Constantine

February 23, 2021

Lisa and Lily, Love your blog….Love your Spring Sisterhood selection. I’m sure there are a lot more to show. Would love to see more.
Wishing you much success. 🥰
Terri’s friend,

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