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Soil Block & Seed Prep with Lisa


Hi everyone, Happy Wine Wednesday! 

I wanted to show you how Ivy and I start our seeds for our summer garden! I recently bought a soil blocker that I have been using instead of the plastic pots, which can cause a mess in the yards. These are super easy to use!



  1. Wet your soil so it just sticks together (I’m using a mushroom soil)
  2. Place the soil blocker in the soil and mush it around until the soil gets nice and tight
  3. Release the soil blocker in the container you want your seed starts in, we’re using  a humidity controlled seed tray


The great thing about using the soil blocker is that your roots will have room to grow and they won't get cramped in the tiny little containers.

This also makes transplanting super easy.


Speaking of transplanting, here are some sunflowers that are ready to be replanted! They aren’t ready to be moved into the ground until after the first freeze, which is May 15th.

So for the next month we’ll be moving them into this larger plastic container until they’re ready to plant in the ground.


Back to our Soil Block, here you can see I have the full tray prepped and ready for these Kanjari Melon seeds that Ivy and I are super excited about growing this year! The Kanjari Melons are supposed to be super sweet, so we can’t wait to try them. 


  1. Place one seed per seed block
  2. Cover with extra soil
  3. Water (if needed or the soil is not damp enough)
  4. Cover tray with a lid to keep the humidity it
    Now that our tray is all planted and covered, they’ll live in the barn under the seed lamps until they sprout and are ready to plant!
    We can’t wait to share the finished product.

    Lisa is wearing some of our super fun & brightly colored Wild Watermelon pieces (super fitting as she and Ivy are planting the Kanjari Melons!) The floral details in the  Normani Tennis Necklace and  Selene Slider Bracelet are the perfect way to show your flair for all things gardening (even when you aren’t getting dirty!).



    Lisa has the Selene slider Bracelet  layered with our staple, the Annika Cuff Braceletand the Normani Tennis Necklace paired perfectly with the Delicate Round Tennis Necklace for an added pop of neons.











    Watch the full video here!






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