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A Special Announcement from Ivy & Lily!



Happy Wine Wednesday everyone!!
Ivy and I are here in the office today to share some very special news with you guys…

Ivy’s expecting at the end of June! 

It’s almost Mother’s Day and it’s so exciting to have another baby on the way to join our family! 

As many of you know, I gave birth to our parents first grandchild, earlier this year in January and now Ivy will be giving birth to their second grandchild. We’re super excited to have another little boy for Julian to play with and love how big our family is growing.


So if you’re a mother who is trying, expecting or even experienced loss, we want to wish every single one of you a Happy Mother’s Day.

To represent her baby boy, Ivy is wearing pieces from our  Windsor Blue Collection.




And I’m wearing some pieces in classic rose gold and crystal. They’re perfect for layering and you know I love my layers. :)







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