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Easter Basket Ideas

Hi Sorrelli family! 

This week I am so excited because Easter is right around the corner and this will be the first year that my husband and I  are hosting. I’ve been thinking a lot about what we’re going to do, what we’re gonna serve! So I’ve been deep diving into my favorite cookbook,Mastering Pasta.


Before we dive in, I just quickly wanted to show you guys some pieces I absolutely love. Here you can see, once again I am all layered up - I told you it was my jam!


So starting off, I’m currently layered up in our Isabella Pendant Necklace, the Brianna Pendant and Millicent Cross Pendant Necklace from Spring Rain.  I love how these pieces looked all layered together.



Dua Stud Earrings


To accompany my layered look I’m wearing these  Dua Stud earrings, which are super big and fun. Perfect for any occasion, from casual to a night out.


For today's Wine Wednesday I wanted to share a couple of fun Easter gift basket ideas!


In addition to some super cute Sorrelli sparkles (because let’s be honest, who wouldn’t love some sparkle in their gift basket), I have a few other items that I think would add a really cute touch.


The first is this soy candle I got from a friend of mine. It smells absolutely amazing and is a wonderful gift basket must-have. The one I have here is a Linnea Nectar candle. It even comes with some space in the lid to hold matches, so efficient!  

Linnea Nectar Soy CandleSugar Berry Lip Treatment

I also am completely obsessed with this Sugar tinted lip treatment. This one is berry flavored but I also have them in coral and cherry color as well. They’re awesome! It’s basically just chapstick with a bit of a tint, a super cool addition to any Easter basket. 


In fact, as our way of celebrating Easter with all of you guys we’re having an Easter Egg Hunt on It launches today! So check out what we have on the site as we have little easter eggs stashed away with promo codes for some discounted sparkle. Just a little holiday fun from us to you guys! 

Let me help you guys out with a link to our first hint: 

Click here for the link to our first hint

Happy Hunting & Happy Shopping! 



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