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Simple Hacks to Clean Your Sorrelli

Keep your Sorrelli sparkling using these simple cleaning methods:

  1. Use a dry polishing cloth to remove debris on the metal and stones. Gently rub until your piece looks like new!
  2. For extra TLC, add a few drops of Dawn dish soap into warm water and mix. Using a soft toothbrush, use solution to take off excess debris from the stones and metal. Dry using a polishing cloth and set out to air dry before wearing or putting the piece away.
  3. Always remember to put on jewelry last when getting ready. Avoid spraying jewelry with hair spray, perfume, or applying lotions or creams while wearing.
  4. Do not use any jewelry cleaning chemicals or solutions. These formulas are harsh and can compromise the finish on our jewelry.
  5. Wipe off your pieces with a polishing cloth after every wear to remove everyday debris.

Sorrelli offers a  cleaning service for $10 per piece, we will specially clean your jewelry to restore its original shine!


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Jessica Hildebrand

Jessica Hildebrand

September 07, 2021

I usually use rubbing alcohol on cubic zirconia to keep it shiny. Can I do that with sorrelli earrings?

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