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Sorrelli Sisterhood Series


Sorrelli Sisterhood Series

Sorrelli is derived from the Italian word for sisters- sorrelle. Today we’re kicking off a new series on our social channels called the Sisterhood Series. We’re going to be featuring amazing women from all walks of life who are doing empowering, badass work. We’re encouraging them to shout out to a special friend in their sisterhood, and share a moment they felt lifted up and empowered by the women around them. Stay tuned for these videos on our Instagram and Facebook starting this Saturday.

We’re starting off the series with shoutouts from Lily and Lisa to the women in their sisterhoods who have always empowered them. Lily is shouting out to her best friend Sarah Vela, who has been there for her since they were roommates in college! Lisa is shouting out to her bestie Ansa, who she wants to thank for always making her laugh no matter what type of day she’s having.

Cheers to you, Vela and Ansa! You'll both be receiving a pair of our essential earrings in the mail as a token of thanks for your friendship. ♥


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 Who’s someone in your sisterhood that has empowered and inspired you? Share your favorite sisterhood moment in the comments below!


Sorrelli Sisterhood Series from Sorrelli Jewelry on Vimeo.



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