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Have a Sparkling Galentine's!

You can bet this Galentine’s Day is going to be the best Galentine’s Day since Leslie Knope first invented it. You and your gals are going to have the most incredibly memorable day ever, celebrating your friendship, so here are a few Sorrelli tips to the best Galentine’s!


Slumber it Up!
If we’re being honest here…when was the last time you and your gals had a true proper slumber party? College? High School? No matter the answer, it has been way too long since you and your girls had this kind of a night, so take advantage of this Galentine’s to remind yourself why you’re the best of friends. Slumber parties are the best way to have some good old fashioned fun with your girls.

Break out those old board games you used to love playing. Challenge them to a game of uno and see just how strong your friendship is when someone breaks out a draw 4. Make some incredibly delicious pinterest foods with each other. When you do, be sure to take those pinterest before and after pics to show just how terrible your recreation turned out. Binge watch some Netflix shows because what’s better than watching your favorite show with your gals? May I suggest Parks and Recreation. Have an incredible slumber party that none of you will ever be able to forget!


Work it Gal!
It’s Galentine’s Day! That means you and your girls need to get all dressed up and have an incredible night out on the town. Grab that cute new party dress from your closet, put on your brand new jewelry your gal got you for the occasion and rock this night.Go out to a nice restaurant and have some wine with your girls while you complain about your significant others, or lack of. A nice, simple dinner can be the best way to catch up after weeks apart.

If you’re all feeling a little more adventurous, check out that new night club that just opened. Get a little tipsy, dance until your feet ache, yell until your voice gives out. Have fun! Ignore everyone and simply focus on you and your gals. This is your day to celebrate your unique friendship so do your thing gal. Today is for you.




Do Something Different!
You don’t want to stay in. But at the same time you don’t want to go out. What do you do? The simple solution…do something different! Do something you and your gals have never done before! Check out that escape room that you know will have you all scared out of your wits but will still have you laughing all night long.

Get in the car and every time you hit an intersection, flip a coin to decide which way you go. Do this until you end up somewhere new and exciting. If it leads you somewhere remote, try to come up with something fun you can do. Just do something. It doesn’t matter where you are or what new thing you’re doing, as long as you’re all together you’ll be having an incredible Galentine’s.


Pamper Yourselves!
Honestly, seeing as it’s Galentine’s Day, you all deserve to be pampered because when will you ever get this chance again. Take the time to have a spa day with your girls. Get that facial that you’ve been in desperate need of. Have your nails done. Get a massage. Let yourself feel good because today is your day and girl you deserve it!

Go shopping! Let’s be honest, what better way to pamper yourself than with some new clothes, makeup, or jewelry to help you feel like your most beautiful self? Pick up those shoes that you’ve been dying to get your hands on. Break down and buy those earrings that you know you shouldn’t, but it’s your day so you deserve them. Honestly…this is your day so don’t feel bad about buying whatever your little heart desires. You need this. Treat yourself!




No matter what you and your gals decide to do this Galentine’s Day, the most important part is to document! Take hundreds of photos of you and your girls doing crazy ridiculous things. Utilize those weird snapchat filters that have you laughing for hours on end. This is your time to celebrate that incredibly special thing that is your friendship. When this time is over, you’ll want those photos to look back on and remember your times together and all of the memories that you’ve made. This is your time. Remember it.

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