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Gear Up for the Super Bowl with Sorrelli!

Its that time of year again, the Super Bowl looms right around the corner, and the anticipation is building up, but this time in Pennsylvania, the excitement is right in our backyard. Don’t sit on the sidelines, embrace the inner sports fanatic, or party attendee you were born to be!

The events of the Super Bowl can be a hectic time for both football fans, and annual party attendees. So choose your team wisely now because the night of the big game will put you to the test.




Exercise your team rivalry! ✔


If you’ve ever experienced sibling rivalry, this is the moment you have been working towards. The passion to be the best, and win no matter what. This is the time to take a stand and stake your claim! Super bowl bets will be on the rise. The end of game predictions, or choosing what team to root for is one of the best parts of watching the Superbowl. You don’t have to mean it, or commit to being a die-hard fan, but it usually makes the evening more fun. It gives you something to do. Even without paying close attention to the game it feels empowering to look at the score on the bottom of the screen, and know the team you picked is winning.


However, if the team you support is doing poorly you could still make it your goal to stick up for the little guy. Shout louder, and show your good sportsmanship by taking the game in stride and being the best you. Effort from the players is what matters, and you are doing just the same. So cheer loudly, and be the most supportive person in the room, whether you really care who wins or not. Bragging rights don’t last very long, but good sportsmanship does.  


Bury yourself in snacks! ✔


One of the greatest parts of every Super Bowl party is the snacks, not only the quantity, but also the quality. Whether it is a delectable veggie plate,  potato chips and various dips, or even a bowl of pretzels; take advantage of being in their presence. Plus, having a mouthful could discourage from hefty or drunken football conversation and jargon that may be difficult to understand. The snacks will be your saviour. They will rescue you from the pain that is arguments over opposing- teams, confusion over calls on plays in the game, and the best part: it will just taste so good.


Wear the perfect gear! ✔


Of course it is customary to wear a team jersey, or even some old fashion war paint, but is that enough? Show me the rule book! Bad call! Football would not be the same without fashion. Each team has their own colors, and coordinated uniforms. They might look like each other, but they sure do stand out against the turf. Why should you blend into the background by wearing the typical super bowl party gear? Choose to stand out.


The Super Bowl party only happens once a year, why don’t you add a little bit of sparkle to your football gear with something shiny from Sorrelli. It could be a pair of earrings to add some flare to the war paint on your face, or a necklace to emphasize your favorite team jersey. You could take over the party, or just watch the game and look absolutely fabulous doing so. It’s a win win. I mean, it is a game after all.


Pick your favorite commercials! ✔


Other than the halftime show, what else do Super Bowl viewers pay the most attention to? No not the game, the commercials. Everyone laughs, or cries at their favorite commercials and argues over which ones are the best ones. Well I know I do. I like to count how many beer commercials there are every hour, or how many insurance commercials there are in one commercial break. It could become a game, but some of the best commercials are the ones you don’t understand until the last minute. Some even resonate with you until you are looking for a particular companies new commercial. I know I do.


Ready to have fun right? The night of the game can be pretty intense, but cheering the loudest, eating the best snacks, looking the greatest, and being the adamant commercial observer that you are will lead to the greatest Super Bowl party experience!

Now that is a touchdown! ✔

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