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Gift Your Gal a Great Galentine's!

Your girls, or gals as we like to call them, are there for you whenever you need them. Whether it be in the middle of the day when mother nature decides to hit prematurely, or at 3am when your significant other does something stupid and you need to rant. No matter when it is, they’re the ones you go to. So take advantage of this Galentine’s Day and show your gals just how much they mean to you by gifting them a little something special. Here are a few little gift suggestions from Sorrelli to make your gals Galentine so incredibly special.




What better way to shower your gal with love and appreciation than with a few of her favorite lipsticks or eye shadows? You know her cosmetic collection is already huge, but what’s a few more additions to make her happy? Go grab that lipstick that perfectly matches her favorite blouse. Pick up that eye shadow that complements her new jewelry to an incredibly accurate degree. Just get her whatever you think will look gorgeous on her because we all know that she’s gonna ask for your opinion eventually anyway.


Everyone knows that wine is the best way to put a smile on your gal’s face. Drop down at the local liquor store and pick up your besties favorite wine. Or grab that brand she’s been wanting to try but hasn’t had the energy to actually buy. Pair that wine with some cute, pink wine glasses and head on over to her house for a crazy, fun night. And let’s be honest, that one bottle of wine isn’t going to last the entire night so you may want to pick up two bottles because this Galentine’s Day is going to be unforgettable.


Your best gal deserves to be gifted a gorgeous new jewelry accessory this year, and since we know her significant other is probably going to screw up and not pick up any nice jewelry for her, it’s up to you to get it for her. Sorrelli has the perfect collection for you. We put together a small collection of items $50 or less that are perfect for your gal! Pick up those earrings that you know will look great with her dress that she bought just last week, or buy that ring that she’s always looking at. No matter what you choose, this gift will have your girl feeling forever grateful that she’s your gal. Just try not to get her significant other in too much trouble.




She’s been complaining about that funky smell in her apartment for weeks but she can’t figure out what it is. Help her get rid of the smell by picking up some fun, delicious smelling candles that will last longer than that smell ever will, hopefully. So go grab her favorite scents in cute little decorative packings, and don’t worry about the price because candles can be relatively cheap while still having great quality. This is the gift your gal needs, and the gift she never even realized she wants.


Coffee Mugs
Everyone who’s anyone knows that your gal has just a slight obsession with coffee, and even more so with owning every coffee mug ever in existence. You tease her about it but secretly you’re obsessed with her collection just as much as she is. Grab some new cute Galentine’s inspired mug to have her smiling every time she sips her much needed morning coffee. Mugs are an essential to her life, just like you, so pick up that mug she’ll be using more than just on Galentine’s Day.


Honestly, what more could your gal want this Galentine’s than some fun and playful things full of hearts? It doesn’t even matter what it is as long as there are hearts involved. Pick up some beach ready heart sunglasses for her to use on her spring break vacation. Grab those heart covered leggings that you know she’ll be embarrassed by but they’re from you so she’ll have to love them. Pick up a massive, fuzzy, heart shaped pillow that she’ll love to add as an accessory to her already pillow stocked bed. Heart shaped gifts are the perfect Galentine’s Day item to have your gal smiling from ear to ear.




No matter what you pick up your gal this Galentine’s Day, she’ll be smiling and feeling loved by her bestie. Remember this Galentine’s that it’s not the cost that matters, it’s the love from a best friend that will really have her having the best Galentine’s ever!

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