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Host the Best Super Bowl Party With Sorrelli!


It’s Super Bowl time! You know what that means. It’s time for a party. Hosting a Super Bowl party can leave you wondering just what to do in order to throw the best Super Bowl party to ever exist. Here are a few must haves to help you throw the best Super Bowl party!

Themed Decorations
What would a Super Bowl party be without some incredibly cute decorations featuring both teams colors! Now it’s important to have both teams represented in order to make all of your guests feel comfortable. If you’re an Eagles supporter but your father-in-law is a die-hard Patriots fan, it’s best not to get on his bad side and just have a few of those blue and reds scattered around the house. Pick up some Patriots inspired napkins, or Eagles inspired balloons. Grab a roll of green and blue streamers and hang them up around the house to provide a simple and easy decoration. Or even spice things up by wearing team colored jewelry to help you feel a little better about yourself after running around getting everything ready. Whatever your decision, these colorful additions will have your party feeling just a little more put together.

Football Photo Booth
Who can think of a better way to start off your party than with a fun homemade photo booth with football inspired props? Make a few simple props out of cardboard, like pom poms, footballs, or even a foam finger. Grab some old scarves laying around the house that match the teams colors. Hand over some rings that match the different teams colors. This simple and easy creation can have your family and friends laughing and enjoying their time together from the minute they enter your house until they leave at the end of the night. Besides, we all know that your friends and family are going to arrive early before the game starts which means you have to entertain them. This is a great way to help document the best Super Bowl party for years to come.

No Super Bowl party would be a party without food, and who are we kidding! We all know that the only reason a lot of people even go to parties on the day of the Super Bowl is for the large surplus amounts of food passed around. When thinking about your party menu, be sure to include a large variety of items in order to help satisfy everyone attending. Get those chicken wings for your spouse, those veggies for your mother, and even think about making that chilli that your best friend adores. Grab those cupcakes at the bakery that look so cute with the little football and team logo rings that sit on top. Go all out! There can never be enough food at a Super Bowl party, so make everything your heart, and everyone’s else’s stomach, desires.


Of course a Super Bowl party requires its guests to be wearing attire fitting to the team they’re supporting. So go grab that old jersey from the back of your closet that has been there since your spouse bought it for you to wear the last Super Bowl your team was in, apply that bright, festive eyeshadow that you would never wear on any other occasion, put on that Sorrelli necklace or bracelet that makes you feel feminine but still matches your team, and your party outfit is officially complete! Oh but don’t forget to put on those thick black lines under your eyes to have you really in the football mood.

One of the biggest necessities at a Super Bowl party is of course alcoholic beverages for your of age guests. Make sure to pick up some beer since what goes together better than football and beer? Simply grab your preferred beer, a cute little metal tub that you can buy for cheap at the store, some ice, and you have a festive little serving station for your alcohol. For your non-beer loving guests, try grabbing some recipes from your pinterest board that you’ve been wanting to try. If you have younger guests who aren’t of legal age yet, that’s fine! Simply make your drinks alcohol-free. They still taste as incredibly decedant as always just without the buzz. No matter what your guests are drinking, they’ll be enjoying their beverages as they watch the game.

With these few small tips, your Super Bowl party won’t look like you just started shopping the day before. Instead, when everything is finally put together your guests will be thinking that you’ve been planning this party for months!


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