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Check out Lily's Patriotic Look!

Feel Patriotic for Memorial Day Weekend

Hey Sorrelli fam! Lily here and I’mfinally feeling better! I got diagnosed with tuberculosis last week which was NOT fun but after a weekend of rest I was finally able to recover and just in time for the long weekend! 


So today I’m enjoying this Wine Wednesday with some rosé and in my favorite place in the house, my backyard! I am totally a summer girl and got a bunch of plants out here for the season. If you look behind me you can see the ferns that I found from my backyard and this potted plant from my local Home Depot. 


To be honest I am seriously looking forward to the long weekend, however I am a little nervous… It's going to be my first solo parenting weekend since my husband is going on a little boy's trip and he is the baby whisperer. He always gets Julian to sleep 10/10 times so keep me in your prayers. Luckily my friend is hosting us in the Hamptons so I won’t be totally alone.

While I am still packing for Julian I will definitely be packing some Sorrelli for myself to keep it festive, very red, white and blue. As you can see here I am repping some right now, a combination of old and new, and as always I’m mixing metals of Antique and Bright gold finishes. 

Our sapphire crystals definitely stand out and must have for the summer season. Personally, I just love how the blue sparkles in the sun. It’s such a pure crystal and it really goes well with any outfit.



However, it is the season for red white AND blue,

so I do have a few red and white pieces on to feel more festive.



A quick reminder that we started our Memorial Day sale a little early! So don't forget to use code: MEMDAY22 at to redeem 25% off your entire purchase! Offer ends Monday, May 30th at 11:59 PM EST.

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Viann Lollar

Viann Lollar

June 01, 2022

I would love to know the price of the clear stone gold bracelet. Thanks love them older pieces

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