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3 new mama takeaways with Lily


It’s been 4 months since my son Julian was born, and Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend already! As a brand new mom, I wanted to share the top 3 things that have kept me sane and feeling like a normal person through this magnificent change in lifestyle:

  1. Self care in the form of a bath: I have long been a lover of a good bathtub. When traveling I intentionally scout out hotel rooms and Airbnbs with enviable bathtub situations, because I know slipping into a bath is a modern little luxury that makes me feel so recharged and relaxed. I’ve made it a point to take baths whenever I feel overwhelmed or need a little pick me up, and it has worked wonders. Strongly suggest for all you new mamas when you’re cleared to do so! A few of my favorite products for mama bath time are:
    1. Library of Flowers Forget me Not Bath Bubbles (I may have gotten this for my mama for Mother’s Day this year!)
    2. Eucalyptus Epsom Salts- so inexpensive and make the bath feel so luxurious
    3. A cup of ofHarney and Sons Paris tea
    4. A good book (I just readOlga Dies Dreaming and couldn’t put it down!)


  2. Family meal times: Despite how crazy these first few months have been with our new baby, I have really tried to enjoy family dinners together as a family of 3. It’s been super helpful for me to prioritize family time, and create an anchor in our day that brings us all together. I use an app calledMealboardto plan all of our family groceries + meals, which I find super helpful. Some of my favorite easy meals for family dinners are:
    1. Black Bean Quesadillas by Cookie and Kate (she makes the most delicious vegetarian meals)
    2. Chorizo Sweet Potato Frittata- one of my favorite meals by Paleo Running Momma, we found this when we were doing Whole30 a few years ago and have kept it in our meal rotation ever since!
    3. Curry Meatball Noodle Soup - I love the recipe developer Caroline Chambers & follow her on instagram, this recipe of hers is literally a few items from Trader Joe’s that you dump together to make a delicious soup.


  3. Supporting each other’s time outside the house: for me, that means being social and spending time with friends whenever possible. I’ve gone to the city with my girlfriend’s for dinners, brunch, a trip to the Met. For my husband, that’s getting to the driving range or playing 9 holes of golf whenever he can. We try not to give each other a hard time when it comes to the outings that make us feel like ourselves. 


    I talked about some of these things in the Wine Wednesday post below. What kept you sane in the early weeks of becoming a mom? So curious to hear!





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