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Floral Arrangements with Lisa!


Happy Wine Wednesday Everyone!

Today we have our Founder and Head Designer, Lisa here with us! She took some time while babysitting to show us how to make floral arrangements, (don’t worry, she did it while baby Julian was down for his nap!). 



(Before and After pictures of the bouquet that Lisa rearranged.)

On the left we have the sad looking flowers. The German statice looks a little dried out and keeping in the water is just going to make the stems rotted out, so what we want to do is take them out and replace them with something that looks a little more fresh!


To start, Lisa removed all of the dead and drooping looking flowers and went outside to pick out some boxwood pieces and fresh greens to add to the bouquet. By adding the greens, Lisa was able to hold up use of those pieces to help structure the bouquet a little more. But as you can see from the finished pictures, it looks a lot more vibrant.

And look-



Lisa was able to reuse the German statice for another bouquet that Lily received during the holidays. Very sustainable and friendly!



As the Easter holiday approaches, Lisa is wearing a piece from our Spring Easter Crosses collection,Joelle Cross Pendant Necklace, layered with a Sorrelli staple,Cushion-Cut Pendant Necklace, from our Windsor Blue collection.


Watch Lisa work her floral magic here!



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