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Earth Day & Sustainability

Earth Day & Sustainability

Happy Wednesday! With Earth Day coming up tomorrow, we want to take a moment to talk about sustainability and our earth. Last year was an exciting one for us because we really challenged ourselves to figure out how to up-cycle unused pieces of Sorrelli into new opportunities for reuse and wear.

Our first venture into the world of sustainability was ourwine charms, which are great for those of you who like to entertain. These are up-cycled from single earring production samples. We also mademask charms, which were made using parts from our archives that haven’t been used in Sorrelli pieces for decades.We embellished the masks that we’ve all been wearing in the midst of the pandemic, and are now repurposing them as embellishments for our baseball hats.


Such a big part of Earth Day in the fashion space is about reducing waste and making what we have feel new again. Getting creative by hemming a skirt to a different length, or cutting your jeans into shorts are ways to keep the products in your closet in-use and out of the landfill. Lisa & Lily repurposed their mask charms today to add some extra sparkle to their plain baseball hats- they have super strong magnets on the back and can be worn on anything you would traditionally wear a brooch on. What are you planning to repurpose in your closet for Earth Day?

We also wanted to share how Lily and Lisa practice sustainability in their day to day life. Lily was a consultant years ago and she frequently ate out for lunch, which resulted in a lot of single use plastic waste. A few years ago, she started packing all of her lunches into big mason jars instead. They’re super durable and a simple way to be more sustainable in your everyday life! Another way to practice sustainability is with reusable water bottles. Lisa recommends a swell bottle, but there are so many great options to choose from to help the environment and reduce your single use plastic waste.

What are some ways you cut down on waste and practice sustainability in your lives? Let us know in the comments down below! 

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