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Spring Ring Favorites

Spring Ring Favorites

Today we’re sharing an assortment of our favorite rings from our recent Spring 2021 Collections. Since we’ve all been working from home, we’ve found that they add the perfect bit of sparkle to our day as we’re typing away on the computer.


Some of our most popular styles are stackable rings. We like them because you get the look of a stacking ring without having to add individual layers, they all slip on at once. Plus, a stacking ring is a simple way to add a lot of sparkle to your look because they combine layers of 2-3 bands.


Our adjustable rings are great for gifting because you don’t need to know someone’s ring size! You can see an example of what they look like above on the right. They’re made with a brass jeweler's metal, which is pliable enough to easily open and close to adjust the sizing to any finger. They’re versatile for every season because you can adjust the size when your fingers swell/shrink as the seasons change from hot to cold.

We’re obsessed with the DeLite stone offerings by Swarovski that Lisa used in many of the Spring Collection rings. They take a clear based stone, then put a finish on the back to create an aura of different hues from the front. We love these stones because they’re a little bit more muted than the traditional aurora borealis coating, but still incredibly interesting, with lots of depth to each color.


Thanks for joining us for a closer look at our Spring 2021 Rings. Do you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments down below!

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