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Unique Bridal Jewelry

Are you looking for unique bridal jewelry for your special day or thoughtful gifts to convey appreciation to each of your bridesmaids? Sparkling Swarovski® crystal jewelry from Sorrelli will make a wonderful impression!

Sorrelli is a family-owned jewelry design company founded in 1983. Our pieces are proudly handcrafted in Kutztown, Pennsylvania from semi-precious and synthetic cabochons and high-quality Swarovski® crystals, and they grace the jewelry boxes of celebrities, career women, and jewelry lovers of every age and background.

For the Bride

Unique Bridal JewelryWhether your tastes are glamorous or simple, Sorrelli offers a spectacular bridal collection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings that will suit your style, show off your personality and make you feel fantastic all day long. Our Swarovski® crystal wedding jewelry looks just as gorgeous as genuine diamonds without the expense!

Necklaces can be the perfect way to accentuate the neckline of your gown. If the gown is strapless, anything goes. For wide necklines, a large statement piece can be a great choice, but they can overwhelm a gown with a high or asymmetrical neck, halter or illusion neckline, a narrow V-neck, or one with thick straps.

To avoid detracting from your gown, consider something more delicate, like a pendant necklace. Or forego the necklace completely and wear a pair of glamorous statement earrings and a show-stopping cuff bracelet instead!

Think also about how the metal color of the jewelry will complement your gown. Bright white gowns call for cooler tones and often look their best with silver-tone jewelry. Highlight warmer whites with gold-tones. Most Sorrelli jewelry is handcrafted in plated brass, and each piece is available in different finishes, such as antique gold-tone, antique silver-tone, bright gold-tone, bright silver-tone, or gunmetal.

For the Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids and maid or matron of honor have helped you plan your wedding and taken care of anything you’ve asked of them. A gift of Sorrelli Swarovski® crystal jewelry is a wonderful way to say “thanks” to this circle of true blue friends. A sparkling necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings is also something they will be able to enjoy well beyond your wedding day.

One popular idea is to present them with a piece of jewelry with a hint of color. Birthstones are always a great choice, or choose a color from the flowers in your bridal bouquets. Sorrelli is an industry leader in the color palette for Swarovski® crystals, so whatever you choose is guaranteed to dazzle!

Whether for a bride or a bridesmaid, our collection of Sorrelli fashion jewelry will be a timeless gift. We design each piece to last a lifetime with proper care and provide a Lifetime Guarantee. Should your jewelry become damaged due to defects in workmanship, the item will be repaired and if needed, replaced.

The Sorrelli collection features unique handcrafted bridal jewelry that is embellished by gorgeous Swarovski® crystals. We invite you to shop online 24/7 for designs you love, call us at 877.659.4374, or find your nearest Sorrelli brand store or authorized retail partner.

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