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Swarovski Hoop Earrings

A versatile fashion staple for business and weekend wear, Swarovski® crystal hoop earrings from Sorrelli are the perfect accessory for every occasion.

Hoop Earrings in History

Swarovski Hoop EarringsThe hoop earring, easily identified by its circular or semi-circular shape which resembles a ring, is one of the oldest forms of jewelry. A pair was unearthed by archeologists from a royal grave in Sumeria (now Iraq) which dates to between 2,500 and 3,000 BC.

Hoop earrings have been worn by both men and women and were common in the Egyptian, Greek and Roman cultures. They were worn by African slaves and were a popular accessory for sailors to commemorate their travels and voyages, and for pirates, who dangled wax from them to use as earplugs to protect from hearing loss caused by cannon fire!

About Sorrelli

Sorrelli is a family-owned jewelry design company founded in 1983. Our pieces are proudly handcrafted in Kutztown, Pennsylvania from semi-precious stones and high-quality Swarovski® crystals, and they grace the jewelry boxes of celebrities, career women, and jewelry lovers of every age and background.

Exquisite Sorrelli jewelry is ideal for casual and formal occasions, and our necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings are available in a wide range of sophisticated shapes, cuts and dazzling colors. Many of them incorporate semi-precious and synthetic cabochons, such as freshwater pearls, reconstructed turquoise, desert jasper and tiger’s eye.

Swarovski® Crystal Earrings

Swarovski® hoop earrings are available from Sorrelli in a range of sizes, and many of the pieces feature repeating round crystals that alternate with smaller pairs of crystals in a unique prongless setting that creates extra sparkle.

Smaller hoops are more understated and elegant, while larger hoops tend to be young, trendy and adventurous. Hoop earrings are often said to suit square and oval faces best but, honestly, they look good on everyone.

If you love jewelry that makes a statement and defines you as unique, confident, passionate and interesting, Sorrelli has a wide variety of choices, including our breathtaking triangular bold baguette drop earrings.

Drops and long dangle earrings, especially those with long, angular designs, will elongate a round face. Or flatter a heart-shaped face with ornate statement earrings that are wider at the bottom than the top and will draw attention to your eyes, cheekbones, and jawline.

Swarovski® crystals are man-made, precision-cut gems manufactured in Austria. They have a brilliant shine that is far superior to the shine of an imitation crystal and will add dimension to any shaped face and any outfit.

The Sorrelli collection features Swarovski® hoop earrings and other gorgeous handcrafted jewelry designs. We invite you to shop online 24/7, call us at 877.659.4374, or find out where your nearest Sorrelli brand store or authorized retail partner is located.

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