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Wine Wednesday Upcycled Gift Wrapping

Hi everybody, welcome to wine wednesday! This week Lisa is showing us how she wraps presents for the holidays! Her core tenants of gift wrapping include:

  • Upcycling the materials you have (e.g. turning holiday cards into gift tags)
  • Stocking up on discounted basics at the end of each season for the following year (she makes sure to find garland, silk flowers, and ribbons)

Here’s an example of one of Lisa’s gifts for under the tree:


She used:

  • Plain red wrapping paper
  • Red and white striped ribbon
  • Faux greenery (pro tip: use wire cutters to cut silk flower components into smaller pieces suitable for your gift size)
  • Small section of red garland (she stocks up on garland likethisand cuts them into small sections)
  • Hot glue to affix the garland to the faux greenery, and help it stay on the ribbon

Another way that Lisa avoids waste and upcycles materials is that she cuts up old holiday cards to make cute little gift tags for labeling the presents, all you need are scissors and a hole punch!

Happy gifting! 




Watch the full video below!




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