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Wine Wednesday Wreath Making

Happy Wine Wednesday! Our head designer, Lisa, is showing off her crafting skills and showing us how she made a wreath with fresh greens for Ivy to decorate her front house with. 

 Lisa and Ivy’s gathered greens from their yards which included pine branches, laurel, white cedar, spruce, sage, red berries, and pine cones. Below is a list of what you’ll need to make your own!



  • Assorted greens 
  • Green wire wreath form
  • Pine cones
  • Red berries
  • Thin wire
  • Wire cutters

Lisa starts with the first set of branches by anchoring them to the wreath form using thin wire. When you wrap the greens, make sure not to squish any of the branches down with the wire! You the repeat the process until the wreath is to the desired fullness.

Finish off by accenting with pine cones and berries, and if your wreath form doesn't have a hanger already you can add one with the wire! 

Bonus, you can use the same technique (minus the wreath form) to make matching garland like Lisa and Ivy did!






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