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Wine Wednesday Studio Tour with Ivy

Hi everyone, Happy Wine Wednesday!

This week, Ivy’s showing us a little behind the scenes at the Sorrelli Design Studio in Kutztown, PA, on one of the techniques they used in creating our Holiday Urban collection that is launching this weekend.



Ivy is showing us some techniques they use to make the pieces in the Holiday Urban collection. She is going to show us how they create the crushed bezel. They usually use an eight sided octagon or round. Ivy starts by cutting the prongs so it does not poke anyone. Usually someone grinds it off, but Ivy wanted to show us how to take them off in the studio. Then, she uses pliers to bend the bezel so it looks crushed. She warns us not to crush it too much, or the pearl will not fit inside once they place it after the bezel goes through plating. 


This technique is used in the two pieces Ivy is wearing from our Holiday Urban Collection. Ivy is loving the crushed bezels and flat freshwater pearls in the Ruby Pendant Necklace and Diana Cuff Bracelet, two of her faves from the collection.




Check out the full video here!




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