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Rodale's Farm to Table Dinner

Happy Wine Wednesday!

Every year here in Kutztown, PA we are privileged to host an annual Pennsylvania Dutch Folk Festival, complete with hex signs, apple dumplings, and traditional crafts from the area’s Pennsylvania Dutch artisans. Today, Lisa and Elaine are sharing their experience at the Kutztown folk festival Farm To Table dinner right in our backyard. From good food, music, and beautiful skies the dinner was a blast! One thing that might catch your eye is the fresh roasted pumpkins cooked on the spot by hanging over the grill top.




The night was also filled with other fresh food like acorn squash, filet, chicken and more. We even got to set up a Sorrelli table with a little giveaway to show our appreciation. Topped off with delicious wine from Blue Mountain and Stoney Run, it couldn't get any better than that!



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