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Cheers to the New Year!

Cheers to the New Year!

Welcome to the first Wine Wednesday Blog of the New Year! 2021 is here, and we’re so excited for a fresh new start. From a Sorrelli perspective, we’re sure you’re not shocked to hear that we’re very excited about some of our sustainability initiatives, and we’re hoping to kick off the new year strong. As we move into 2021, our sustainability mission is to continue to offset our carbon footprint.




Last year, we launched our first upcycled product, our wine charms (check out the launch video here). We took previously used and excess earring samples and re-constructed them into unique wine charms. We’re going beyond repairing jewelry to creating new products from existing pieces – embedding circularity into our business.





To keep offsetting our carbon footprint in the new year, we’re launching a partnership with Ecodrive. Ecodrive works with individuals and brands to plant trees that help offset carbon emissions and take action against climate change. For every order placed on our website, Ecodrive will plant one tree! The trees planted are some of the highest carbon absorbing trees, and also help to alleviate poverty in the regions they’re planted.

Reducing Waste in Fashion

We’ve recently been having some conversations with local non-profits about how we can take waste products and turn them into stones and other products that we can actually use in our jewelry. We’re hoping to progress this in 2021 and continue to bring a sustainability lens to our business and to our loyal Sorrelli fans.

Thank you for following us along on our journey to becoming more sustainable, and a happy 2021 from the Sorrelli team!

What would you like to see from us in the New Year? Click the link below to fill out a quick questionnaire and let us know!
As we plan for the coming year, we'd love to hear what type of content you're interested in getting from us. Whether they be blog posts, product ideas, videos or Q&As, please share your ideas for our Sorrelli team as we plan ahead!


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February 26, 2021


How about sewable pieces? As in a neckline on a blouse, or a trim for a cuff, or buttons with sorrelli gorgeousness?

How about shoe buckles to add a little dazzle to ordinary flats?

I ‘ve been a fan for many years having purchased my pieces long ago and still enjoying them. My hoops are my fav and I need to send them for yet another repair. A sign of love and serious wear and tear yes?!?!

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