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Sparkle With These Spring 2018 Trends

Trends, trends, trends! This spring you’re dying to know what the trends are so you can stay on top of this seasons fashion. In order to get your spring fashion looking flawless, be sure to accentuate every outfit with some gorgeous jewelry pieces that will have you looking fresh and  young this season. Here are Sorrelli’s favorite Spring 2018 trends to help you look your best!

This spring, layered necklaces are the prime fashion choice! This trend is a simple and easy way to make any outfit look just a little more put together. A simple mix between thin and thick will have any outfit glammed up in no time. This style can go anywhere from work to school to a night out on the town. Layering helps take any simple outfit and turn it into a fashion masterpiece.

Sorrelli’s Advice
Go easy on this style by picking up a long layering strand and pairing it with thicker pendants, or an overall chunky necklace. Don’t think you have anything that matches? Yes you do! Different sizes, styles, and colors are the perfect way to layer this spring. Don’t worry about things being different shapes because that is exactly what this style consists of. So don’t be afraid to pair up all different lengths and styles of necklaces that you own. You can never have too many layers!

Layering Syles:


What better way to go into spring than with bright and bold colors? This season embrace your inner fashionista with colors that seem out of this world. Now is your time to put all of those bright and bold pieces to use. Everyone will be wondering just where you got them and where they can get their hands on these gorgeous trendy pieces.

Sorrelli’s Advice
Pair up solid colored outfits with these bright and bold statement pieces to add a little color and originality to your spring outfit. Make your bright and bold necklace stand out by pairing it with simple but just as colorful earrings. Match up your everyday simple rings by adding in a large ring that’s a crazy array of bright colors that can quickly give your outfit a whole new vibe. Take those massively colorful earrings that you bought on a whim but have been too scared to wear and embrace your inner style queen. Don’t be nervous about drawing too much attention to yourself with these pieces because girl you look great! Everyone else is noticing it too.

Bold Styles:


Chandelier earrings are back and better than ever this spring season. Pull out those gorgeous earrings you’ve been waiting to wear for when this trend came back. Go pick up new ones that are now being flaunted everywhere because this is your time. Your style is back! Embrace it and cherish it, because you’ve been waiting for this. Big and bold are the perfect statement to any outfit in this incredible spring fashion.

Sorrelli’s Advice
Choose styles that have lots of brilliant crystals and metal detailing to help you really get into this spring style. Be sure to accentuate these large earrings by pulling your hair back to show them off. These earrings demand attention and that’s exactly what you’ll get. Don’t let them hide behind your hair or you’ll be wasting this spring trend. Show off your confidence by going big and bold. Remember, the bigger the better this season, so don’t be intimidated by the size. These large earrings will have you making a statement that everyone will be sure to remember this season.

Chandelier Styles:


You know what every season needs a little more of? Baroque! This gorgeous renaissance inspired style is officially back this spring and it’s what every girl needs and more. Luxurious stones and exquisite metal accents are the perfect accessories to have every girl feeling like a princess, or if you’re feeling especially confident, a queen! So make sure to get out there and show off this gorgeous styling while it lasts. Trust us! You don’t want to miss out on this spring trend.

Sorrelli’s Advice
When choosing your baroque style, be sure to look at ornate detailing and extravagant styles that accentuate your royal status this season. Extensive metal accents are the perfect way to fully embrace this style. Choose long earrings with metal accents or bracelets with stone cuts that show off this luxurious style. Don’t be afraid to go with what your heart tells you to. This style brings out the confidence and royalty in every girls heart!

Baroque Styles:



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