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March into Spring with these Sales!

March is finally here and that means that it’s officially sale season! Early March leads to all of those sales that everyone has been dying to get their hands on. From companies trying to get rid of their old merchandise to sales for brand new product, so March into the season with Sorrelli’s favorite sales!


What even is a sale season without Gap? One of our favorite sales of the season belongs to Gap. With up to 40% off regular priced styles, you can bet we’re going to be buying a whole pile of things for our spring wardrobe. Need a new swimsuit for the upcoming seasonal weather? Gap has your back. What about a new t-shirt to match your new earrings that you just bought but haven’t been able to wear? You can get those too! What’s even better? Gap also has 50% off for all sale styles! That’s a sale on a sale! Get out there and pick out your brand new wardrobe because you can’t beat this sale.

Who are we kidding? You’ve been nursing that old laptop for way too long and now that spring is finally here, Dell is offering you a great deal for your next purchase. With this sale you can receive up to $100 back on your purchase! So basically you spend $100 less than you would normally have to. How great is that? This is the perfect time to get that new laptop that you can binge watch netflix on. And now since it’s officially getting to that gorgeous spring weather, you can take that laptop outside. Hey, you’re getting out of your bed and going outside so there’s no shame! But luckily you get to watch season five of that show you started last week out in the refreshing spring air.

Sorrelli Jewelry
March into spring with Sorrelli! Some of the best sales around this March are at Sorrelli with up to 30% off most items. The sale will be from March 1-4 so don’t hesitate! I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely going to grab some stuff that matches my new spring wardrobe. Go buy that new necklace that you’ve been eyeing, or that bracelet that goes with your new dress. Plus, clearance items are on sale for as much as 50% off. Okay, I know that I have seen items in the past that I wanted but now that they’re 50% off why not buy them? Don’t waste this sale and make sure you take advantage of this sale and start the season off with some fresh new sparkle.


Feeling eager for spring? H&M is holding a sale with up to 20% off orders of 100+ and they’re also including free shipping! If you let this sale go, you’re missing out on some amazing products for cheap! Which is exactly what I need because cheap makes these amazing products even nicer in my book. Get a little something for yourself, your partner, your kids. Heck you could even get something for your home. This sale encompasses everything that you absolutely need in your life. I mean who are we kidding, you know your going to buy from H&M eventually for this spring season, so why not do it now when everything is on sale? It’s much smarter than putting it off and waiting. So go now before it’s too late!

Victoria’s Secret
If you’re focusing completely on your outer appearance, you definitely need to take a little time to focus on your under clothes! Having a bra or underwear that make you feel good, makes your outfit feeling even better. You need a cute new matching set to help you feeling like the gorgeous queen you really are. Plus, by spending 65+ on your PINK items, Victoria’s Secret will also give you a FREE PINK backpack! I don’t know about you but I’m all for that free backpack. It’s a cute little style that you can use for anything. Take it to your friends house for a fun night sleepover. Or use it as a diaper bag for your children or grandchildren. This backpack is so versatile that it’s everything you need and more.


No matter what sale you decide to take advantage of this March, whether it’s one sale or all of them, you will definitely not be disappointed with these sales! So take some you time and buy yourself something especially nice. Or start shopping for some birthday gifts. You could even start holiday season months down the road. It’s never too early to start gift shopping, but it would be a tragedy to not take advantage of these deals.

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