Sparkle Down the Aisle, You’re a Bride!

Valentine’s Day has just passed and you know what that means…new brides-to-be! Thousands of couples get engaged every year right around Valentine’s which leaves many people who are soon to be a bride ready to start planning their incredible days.

You have to pick out the perfect white dress, or for our less traditional brides, a dress with a pop of color. It’s imperative that you pick the venue, the food. You need to pick the perfect jewelry pieces to perfectly complement that extravagant dress. The hair needs to be planned. Everything you can ever think of needs to be planned and you are all too eager to begin after dreaming about it for as long as you can remember. This is your day to celebrate your union. So it has to be perfect, right?

Well perfection requires research upon research upon research. It’s time to stalk those pinterest boards and I have one pinterest board that’s just perfect for you. Check out the Sorrelli Bridal Board and browse all of your many options before thinking closely about how you’ll look walking down the aisle. After that, check out these tips from Sorrelli on the most vital parts of your big day!

The absolute most important part of your day as a bride. Many little girl’s dream of the day when they will have the chance to walk down that aisle wearing the most gorgeous dress ever. They’re ready for that day to feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. This dream means you have to search and search to find the perfect dress for you.

The hard part is picking the style of your dress to remember. Are you feeling sweet and thinking a sweetheart neckline is for you? Is an old fashioned, long sleeved, buttoned up number more your style? What about a ball gown? Or maybe a slim fitted lace piece? Be sure to take a look at every style of wedding dress out there. Try on multiple dresses. But most of all be sure to follow your heart so you can say yes to that perfect dress.


If you’re going to have the perfect dress, you absolutely need to have the perfect jewelry to accessorize it. Besides, it is your day to feel like a princess, right? You need those dangling earrings that you’ve dreamed of wearing. And that simplistic, or statement, if you’re feeling bold, necklace are necessary to help complete your wedding day look.

Sorrelli has recently launched new pieces to its bridal collections, Satin Blush and White Bridal, that are just perfect to help you complete your wedding day look. Do you want simple stud earrings or are you a large dangling earring type of girl? What about bracelets? Do you want a classic, simple bracelet, or maybe something with a little more bling? No matter what style is for you, be sure to take your time browsing so you can pick your perfect accessories.


Shoes can be a girl’s favorite thing, or they can be the worst. What if the shoes don’t come in a color that perfectly matches your dress? What if the jewels or the heels snag the bottom of your dress? And don’t even think about what would happen if those heels are a little too high and you trip your way down the aisle! Shoes can be a gorgeous addition to your look, or a horrible disaster waiting to happen.

When looking at the perfect shoes to complement your dress, don’t focus only on their appearance, which is obviously important. Make sure to think about your venue and where your aisle will be. If you’re in a traditional church, maybe heels are a good go to cause you love that empowering clack against the ground. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, consider a chunkier wedge or maybe a flat if heels aren’t your thing. Try to consider every possible horrible disaster that could occur in order to help choose the shoe to help your clumsy self make it safely down that aisle.

You have your dress. You have your jewelry and your shoes. Now all you need to complete your wedding day look are the flowers. No wedding is complete without the bouquet to throw at the end of the night to the next bride-to-be. They’re gonna be the thing you carry down the aisle in all of your beautiful glory. They need to be perfect.

How are you feeling about your flowers? Do you want to go light and pastel? Or what about bright and bold? Who knows, maybe you’re feeling like sticking with simple and classic white flowers. When choosing, consider your wedding date and look at what flowers are in season at the time. Consider which flowers would be best for your special day.

Remember that your wedding day is your day! Do what makes you happy because you’ll never have another day just like this one again. This is the day to go all out so pick those items that make you happiest, even if your family thinks your crazy for going with the yellow flowers instead of the pink. It’s your day and they’ll be happy if you’re happy. And soon you’ll be able to say…I’m a bride!


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