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Sorrelli's Fall Teaser

It’s officially spring! And winter feels like it went by so fast. But you know what that means? That means that spring will go by even faster and soon we’ll be finding ourselves on the verge of fall. You’ll have to start wondering about the upcoming fashion trends and more importantly…what Sorrelli is going to be releasing for our new fall collections. So in honor of your curious little self, here is a little teaser for the new fall trends and our upcoming new collections.

It’s soon going to be time to start shopping for your new fall wardrobe, which of course means you need to know what trends are going to be in style. For the upcoming season, big and bold seems to be a major “yes” when it comes to jewelry. We’re talking bright and vibrant colors, large earrings and pendants, and bracelets stacked high with a variety of different colors and styles. It’s essentially the season of lots and lots of bling. And when I say lots of bling, I mean everything has some bling to it. From your earrings, to your rings, to your pendants, there’s just a lot of sparkly jewelry to go around.

This season is the perfect time for you to get a little out of your comfort zone by going big and bold. Try out those stunning new earrings you saw in the little store window that look like they’re bigger than your ear. Who knows? Maybe they’ll be your new go to earrings. What about that large statement necklace that takes over your entire neck? That could be the perfect necklace to match that dress you bought on a whim last year and just can’t find the right accessories for. Try something new this season. Be bold. Find the inner fashionista that you know is hidden deep down inside. This is your season!


So now we’re at the part that you’ve been so desperately waiting to get to. The new collections! This upcoming May we will be releasing two brand new collections for fall so you can get started on your own personal fall jewelry collection just a little bit early. We’ve also updated our Lisa Oswald collection that includes a variety of new pieces. These collections will be the perfect accessories to dress up your traditionally darker fall clothes. With brighter colors and unique designs, these collections will have you looking stunning all fall long.

White Magnolia
The first new collection of the fall is the stunning White Magnolia collection. Featuring white and pacific opal, this design is a pure and classic addition to your traditionally darker fall attire. With its light and timeless colors, the collection is extremely versatile. It’s the type that you can wear on a night out with the girls, a date with your favorite significant other, or even to your best friend’s wedding. It matches with almost everything and brings out the radiant beauty in the Sorrelli woman.


Lilac Pastel
The second new collection to be launched for the fall season is as classic as the last collection but it contains just a few more pops of color. It’s the Lilac Pastel collection. Much likes its name suggests, this collection features a primarily purple tone throughout. Completed with other pastel blue and blush, this is the perfect accessory to add just a little pop of color to your fall wardrobe.


Lisa Oswald
The Lisa Oswald collection consists of some of our founder Lisa’s favorite designs. We’ve recently added some new designs to the collection as well in order to provide all of you with even more options in this incredible mix of designs. The new designs feature a lot of feathers, spikes, circles, and a new raw natural crystal that our design team has begun working with. It’s a little edgier than our normal Sorrelli jewelry, but that’s why it’s perfect for our Lisa Oswald fans. This collection helps to add a little more edge and spunk to a normally relaxed outfit. It’s perfect for a night out on the town or even for spicing up your work attire.


With spring already here, there’s only a little bit of time left until our fall collections begin launching. So keep an eye out for the launch and make sure you’re ready for the tough decision of choosing which designs you love most. You don’t want to miss out on these amazing collections being released in early May. Enjoy your spring, but remember, fall is just around the corner.

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