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Fall 2018: Behind The Scenes

Sorrelli is once again preparing for the upcoming season by having the fall 2018 photo shoot. Here are some behind the scenes from the shoot, along with information on our new fall 2018 collections.


Our fall line has been based primarily around the slogan “Rooted in Tradition”. A concept meant to embrace naturality and the beauty that is naturally found, particularly in our Sorrelli women. The concept has taken advantage of the rustic chic trend, and embraced simple yet sparkling designs that will have you embracing your own natural beauty. It is embracing the heritage that comes from Sorrelli.

For weeks, Sorrelli has been planning, designing, and putting together everything and anything in relation to their upcoming photo shoot. We’ve chosen outfits that best compliment our models and most importantly our jewelry. We’ve planned and planned and planned, and now finally the time came.

Featuring four brand new collections, with new jewelry and all new colors, Sorrelli is excited to show you a sneak peak into our upcoming season.


Sweet Mint
This stunningly vibrant collection features a green mint hue in an array of different hues. With a darker green pop of color and lighter minty hues, this is the perfect sweet style to go with the traditionally darker apparel of fall fashion. The pop of mint green will have you making any outfit look stylishly put together, like it wasn’t just the first thing you decided to throw on in the morning.



Lilac Pastel
A vintage treasure of soft and muted purple, blue, and blush tones, this collection embodies the simple feminine flair of a Sorrelli woman. It’s everything you need and more for that simply classic look that perfectly matches your classically elegant life.


Looking for something that is popping with an array of different colors? This is the perfect collection for you. The collection perfectly can be understood by simply looking at a blooming field of all different colored wildflowers. It’s bright. It’s colorful. And more than anything it’s exactly what you’ve been looking for from Sorrelli.


White Magnolia
This fall season, you need something that shows off a little natural beauty. Made up primarily of white and pacific opal crystals, this collection will help you to embrace your calmer, laid back side of life. It gives you the chance to relax and enjoy life as it is. It’s the perfect fall accessory for your naturally beautiful life.


Many of our gorgeous new collections were featured during the photo shoot. Our models and staff had a great time showing off the brand new collections. 


We can’t wait for you to see our full collections when they launch in the fall. Until then, we hope you enjoy this sneak peek, and we’re excited to help you embrace your natural splendor when we meet again in the fall.

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