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Sorrelli Gives Back for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is a special month, with the seasons changing, and Halloween just around the corner. For some, it is a month of celebration, of survival. Breast Cancer Awareness month is dedicated to all those affected by this awful disease. At Sorrelli, we had the opportunity to meet some of the strongest women who have gone through so much, in light of Breast Cancer.

On September 25th our stores hosted two wonderful events highlighting the courageous stories of local women and their battles with Breast Cancer. From early detection through mammography to aggressive stage four diagnosis. Cancer does not discriminate. It affects not only the individual but the entire family and household.

Breast Cancer Awareness Event in Kutztown Store

Breast Cancer Support Services of Berks County (BCSS) at our Kutztown Event.

Our local partner, Breast Cancer Support Services, helped coordinate the events. Most of our speakers were given support through local organizations like these when they needed it the most. BCSS’s mission is to help newly diagnosed individuals on their journey by providing information, emotional support and hope. BCSS’s programs provide a variety of services and special events from comfort bags and relaxing yoga for survivors to creating a comfortable refuge for those battling through their diagnosis.

“When I went to BCSS, I felt like I immediately became part of a special sisterhood…..I was embraced by other women that could really empathize with the various challenges I was experiencing.” – BCSS member (she wished to remain anonymous) 

To learn more about the organization, we heard a few words from Lynn Manganaro, the Program Coordinator from BCSS:
“BCSS’s mission is to provide support, education, and outreach for women, men, and families affected by breast cancer. BCSS provides a number of support programs for women recently diagnosed with breast cancer, for all survivors, for young survivors under the age of 45 and for those who are exploring the impact of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, all of which create a comforting refuge for those battling through their diagnosis. Support groups and resources in Spanish are also available. All BCSS programs and services are provided at no cost regardless of socioeconomic circumstances or where medical treatment is received.” – Lynn Manganaro

Breast Cancer Awareness Event in Allentown Store

Lehigh Valley Network and the Pink Ribbon Fund in Allentown.

Breast Cancer Support Services is always looking for help, not only in the form of monetary value, but they need volunteers…of ALL ages. For more information about volunteering opportunities at BCSS, you can call the office at 610.478.1447.

If you do wish to make a monetary contribution, all donations to BCSS stay local within the community. During the month of October, $1 from every Misty Pink piece sold will be donated to the BCSS of Berks County and the Pink Ribbon Fund.

BCSS of Berks County
Pink Ribbon Fund x Lehigh Valley Network

Explore our Breast Cancer Awareness Collection, Misty Pink

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