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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue…

We’ve all heard this Old English phrase that supposedly will bring a bride luck on her wedding day and throughout the longevity of her marriage.  While some may not be so superstitious, this is a tradition that has been held for hundreds of years and continues to influence new brides.  Although these days many brides and grooms prefer to take a more modern approach to their big day, keeping this timeless custom in tact is a fun way to add some cute touches to your bridal look.

Here are some modern twists to this tradition that you might consider while planning your big day!

Something Old

  • Old Perfume
  • Vintage Photographs
  • Old Jewelry

When thinking about “something old” we usually think of an old piece of jewelry from a mother, maybe a piece of her wedding gown incorporated into your own bridal ensemble, but something old doesn’t always have to be borrowed too.  I mean let’s be honest, your mom looked beautiful on her wedding day, but her vintage veil might seriously clash with your far more modern dress.  There’s no shame in using something of your own!  One of my favorite ideas is wearing some old perfume, maybe the kind you wore in high school, one that brings back happy memories, or maybe the one you wore when you met that special someone at the end of the aisle.

If you like the idea of using old favorites, you could also consider wearing old pieces of jewelry or even having them made into a cute hair accessory!  And if you’d like to pay respects to late loved ones, a great way to do it is to add some old photos to your bouquet.  This way they’re right there with you as you walk down the aisle on one of the biggest day of your life.

Something New



  • Wedding Dress
  • Wedding Ring/Jewelry
  • Wedding Gifts

This is probably the easiest category to plan for, because hello, everything about your big day will be new down to this new and exciting chapter in your life!  However, with your dress picked out, fitted, and ready to go the only thing missing is the perfect Sorrelli accents.  Our bridal collections have anything you could ever need, such as our beautifully elegant Moonflower necklace to add the perfect amount of sparkle to your look on your special day!

Something Borrowed


  • Getting ready wear
  • Table numbers/Decor
  • Handkerchief

Something borrowed is a great way to honor those close to you and represent them by borrowing something of theirs.  If that someone happens to be a father or grandfather, a great way to make him feel special on your big day is to use his handkerchief while shedding all those tears of joy.  Or perhaps your looking to kill two birds with one stone and save some money on wedding decor.  Table numbers from a friend or sibling’s wedding not only counts as something borrowed, but it also saves you the time and money of picking out your own.  Something borrowed can also take place behind the scenes.  While you’re getting your hair and makeup ready, you can sport a cute “bride” robe or t-shirt from a loved one’s recent wedding.


Something Blue


  • Earrings/Jewelry
  • Nail Polish
  • Lingerie

Something blue can be another easy one if you so happen to choose blue as a wedding color, but if blue’s not quite for you, there are plenty of other ways to incorporate this aspect of tradition.  If you have yet to add sparkle to your look Sorrelli has you covered.  You can shop all of our blue jewelry on our website where you’ll find a beautiful array of different blue shades that will be sure to tickle your fancy.  For example the Light Aqua Solitaire Earring pictured above provides a classically understated touch to any bridal look.

However, if you do already have your jewelry picked out, a spa day the day before isn’t out of the question.  Take some time to yourself or with your bridesmaids and calm those pre-wedding nerves with a massage and a blue manicure.  Or if you’d rather keep it on the down-low, wearing some blue lingerie is a secret and sexy way to ensure good luck on your wedding day.

Whether you’re down to don something old, new, borrowed, and blue or you’re ready to break tradition and go your own way,  Sorrelli wishes you the best of luck on your wedding day!  Be sure to check out our Instagram and feel free to tag us in photos wearing your favorite Sorrelli jewels on your big day or any day!

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