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Say Hello to Spring!

It’s spring! Finally after all of this crazy, cold, winter weather, it’s officially time to say goodbye winter and hello warm weather. This means that it’s time to start planning and putting to good use your spring wardrobe. We here at Sorrelli would like to provide you with four simple fashions to help you have the most stylish spring looks.


This spring, bright and bold colors are the perfect combination for a look that will make you stand out. It could be a bright yellow top that you just picked up on a whim at your favorite store. A hot pink sundress that has been sitting in the back of your closet for too long because you were too scared to wear it. Or even earrings that you’ve been meaning to pick up because they’re large and popping with color. No matter what it is, bright and bold is definitely the way to go this season.

Don’t having anything with a lot of color? No problem! Try checking out some of the sales happening around this time in order to pick up some new essentials. Most places will have a start of the season sale in order to help provide customers with must have items for a little cheaper. Sorrelli is even having their own sale, running through March 25. You can buy one item and get a second for 40% off. With this you can get not only one spring item, but a second for significantly less. Take advantage of all of these new sales and don’t miss out on your new spring fashion.

Combining different prints was a major aspect of the spring 2018 runways. This is definitely a different aspect that many people shy away from, but why not try it out? Who knows. Maybe you’ll like it. Try mixing up some polka dots with some stripes. Combine those two different style bracelets that look nothing like each other. Throw in a flowery blouse with a different patterned shirt underneath. Try it out. You never know when you’ll come across something magical.

Not sure how to combine these things stylishly? That’s okay. No one automatically knows how to do it without a little help. Check out those fashion pinterest boards or look at the trends that came out of fashion week. Don’t be scared of trying something new. And if you try it, but it’s not your type of thing, who cares? At least you were able to say you tried something new.


One aspect of spring fashion that many people forget to take into account are the nail designs. The spring runways showed off a ton of different nail designs but there were a few that definitely stood out. First stand out nail: metallic. This style was all the rage during fashion week, from metallic gold, to silver, to purple, everyone was rocking these nails. Metallic isn’t your thing? That’s okay. Go for a more flowery approach by having a small flower design featured. Not into those? Well hopefully this last design works for you. Neutrals! Fashion Week was loving neutral nails.

Take the time to use some of those DIY pinterest nails that you’ve been looking at. Or, if you’re like me and not good at doing nails, have someone else do them. Like your mom, or best friend, or a professional. Get those cute nails that make your rings stand out just a little more. Or those nails that match that new spring dress. Just be sure to rock whatever makes you feel a little more ready for the season.

This season everything transparent is in. From transparent clothing that shows off a little more skin than normal to rain boots that make it look like your not wearing shoes. Everything relies on the simple statement to make it seem not really there. Transparent items can also be a way to help make your other items stand out just a little bit more. Wearing a transparent top? Your jewelry will be standing out more than ever with a little pop of color. Transparent shoes? Say hello to incredible nails that will be catching everyone’s attention.

The real question now, where do you buy transparent? And how do you accessorize it? Take advantage of the internet. Do a simple google search for which stores are selling transparent items. Or even pull out some of those old transparent purses you had from so many years ago. And accessorizing is easy. You don’t have to worry about making things match because it’s transparent. Whatever items you decide to pair with your transparent shoes or top will automatically match. It’s as easy as looking through your closet and making a choice.


Spring is the perfect time to pull yourself a little bit outside of your comfort zone. Go with those fashion choices that scare you because what better time than right now? Take the start of spring and make it your own. Become the person you want to be. Do the things that scare you. Don’t hold back. This is your time to come out of the cold weather and to embrace the real you!

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