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Round Stud Earrings 101: A Rundown of Sizes, Styles, and Sparkle!


Round Stud Earrings 101:  A Rundown of Sizes, Styles, and Sparkle!

Ever wonder about how our different earring sizes compare? We’re sharing a rundown of all the customer-favorite Sorrelli studs, and giving you a step-by-step guide to earring sizing, smallest to largest. Hope this helps get you oriented to the best stud sizes for you!! Happy accessorizing. 😊


Meet our smallest round stud, Jayda. Great to wear alone or in your second ear hole with a cute hoop. This is essentially our teeniest stud, a great option to get started. She comes in dozens of colors, but we recommend starting with clear crystal if you are looking to test her out. She can be worn to the gym, to a yoga class, to pick up the kids. She’s a workhorse of an earring, and a great “gateway” into the world of Sorrelli! 
Next in size is the Simple Stud Earrings. This is a perfect step up in size, without going full BLING. These will make a statement, but can easily still be worn to a gym or yoga class. Just the right amount of sparkle! 
This Simplicity Stud is the same size crystal as the simple stud shown above. The difference here is that we have a scalloped halo setting, which makes the earring appear bigger and gives it a vintage feel. 
The London Stud is our most popular, most “bang for your buck” stud. The crystal is substantial but not heavy and really brings the bling to any look.
The Nadine Stud is the way to go if you’re looking for a gorgeous statement stud. This is our biggest round stud option and is light enough to comfortably wear all day. 
Want to know more? Check out our CEO Lily sharing a video of these studs so you can see them IRL (kind of). 

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December 29, 2023

I recieved a beautiful set for Christmas, the large pink studs & beautiful necklace with many other pink and crystals.i love getting a new piece he picked out himself at a local boutique. Happy holidays sisters
Sorrelli replied:
Thanks for your kind words Stephanie!! <3 happiest of new years to you and yours!

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