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Mother's Perfect Match

Your mom is special. She’s unique. She’s one of a kind. She deserves everything the world can give her, but more than that, she deserves everything you can give her. Gift mom something special that fits the incredible person she is!

With special matched sets perfect for each distinct mom, find the gift that’s just right for the amazing woman in your life. From hints of blue to vibrant hues, every possible combination is here for you to find exactly what fits the special mother in your life.


Hints Of Blue
Treat her to something that shines as brightly as she does with calming blues that accentuate her relaxed and down to earth style. The mom that would love these matched sets is always happy and relaxed, welcoming each day with a brand new smile. Gift her something to match her everyday outlook on life. Or maybe blue is just her favorite color, or it matches her eyes. Whatever the case, this mom deserves a little blue in her life.

So treat her to something blue that she can use for years to come. Every mom needs a necklace that shines as bright as a gorgeous spring sky. Or earrings that shimmer like rippling water on a hot summer day. Something blue is the perfect addition to this mother’s wardrobe. It’s everything she wants and more, so show her what she truly means to you with a little hint of something blue. She deserves it!


The Perfect Match
Heartfelt gifts to show your love for the simply regal mother who has always been there. Throughout all these years she’s managed to keep her classic elegance. She’s refined and dignified and she loves you unconditionally. So why not gift her something divine? It seems like she has a knowledge that no other mother could possibly have. Because she knows everything about your life and how to please you. Now it’s your time to please her.

With something classic and elegant, our core collection is the prime gift for this special woman. She loves everything elegant that works for her incredible sense of style, and trust us, this mother can never have too much jewelry. It’s simply not possible. She loves it all. So get her something elegant to wear for her lunch dates with the girls, or for her Sunday night dinner with the whole family. She’ll be feeling regal and proud in a loving gift she’ll treasure forever.


On the Edge
Say hello to spunky, feisty, rocker mom who’s more likely to ride motorcycles with you than spend more time in the kitchen than necessary. With something just a little more edgy and on trend, you’ll have her feeling loved and appreciated for years to come. Besides, what’s better than knowing your child actually pays attention and knows what you enjoy? Absolutely nothing! So celebrate her and enjoy the love she’s always brought you, however offbeat it often was.

This mother loves everything edgy and you can bet her jewelry style will reflect that love. The Lisa Oswald collection has everything for the classic rocker mom in your life. Find her something special that still matches her perfectly exceptional personality. Pick out something a little bit out of the box, with spikes, triangles, and metal designs that express her unique nature. It’ll be exactly what she’s always been looking for and so much more.


Vibrant Hues
Sometimes you just want to be loud and proud about how much you love that incredible mother in your life. You want to spread your love to the world. And you know what, she would love it if you did. Because this mother is all about being loud and proud. She’s spunky and outgoing and adores bright, vibrant hues to help accentuate her bright and bubbly personality.

Help her express her vibrant side and try out some items that are bright and bold. They will have her feeling like the beautiful center of attention she deserves to be. Sparkle her with love and treasure her with pieces that accentuate the unique and feminine woman she is. Gift her with some fresh and bright accessories that help to bring out her bold side.


No matter what kind of mother you’re celebrating this mother’s day, the important thing is to gift her with something special and as unique as she is. Because remember, there’s only one mother quite like your mother. So do just a little bit more to help give her…a life layered in sparkle!

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