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Gift the Mother In Your Life Something As Unique As She Is!

A mother’s love is worth treasuring, so make sure you know how to perfectly celebrate her with a gift that shines like she does. Every mother out there is different and unique in their own way. This mother’s day be sure to celebrate the unique mom in your life by celebrating the exceptional person she is. Here are some suggestions from Sorrelli for all the unique mom’s in your life.


This mom loves everything rock n roll. She’s edgy and trendy and we all know she’s the type of mother that will stay up late watching horror movies with you, laughing at how much you scream. Don’t mess with this mother, because she’ll fight you back. She’s the cool mom and there’s only one way to celebrate this type of mother in your life…with Lisa Oswald! The Lisa Oswald collection is the perfect collection for this crazy mom to rock out to.

A rock n roll mom enjoys the edgier side of life, or at least in her jewelry. She likes things from the Lisa Oswald collection that have a little feminine flair within their overall classic rocker designs. Feathers and spikes are a perfect addition to this mom’s collection. We can see her pairing these items with her old beaten down black leather jacket that has become a staple item in her everyday wardrobe. And she’ll be rocking it with her fierce looks.


Say hello to the mom who does everything. This is the mother who works, cooks, and runs her kids to their sports games and ballet recitals while still looking as flawless as she did in her 20s. She’s hardworking but never lets herself look run down or exhausted. The ideal gifts that this mom seems to enjoy are big, bright, and bold. Get her an eye catching necklace or earring that she can wear to work and to the kids theater production.

This mother is the glue in her family so let her know you care with a gift from the heart. Bright and bold styles are the perfect combination to have her looking stylish and feeling loved. From a show stopping bracelet and ring to an earring from a new vibrant collection, these brights are the best way to surprise this mom with something as pure and kind as she is. Besides, it’s so much easier for this hardworking mother to pick out bright and bold items to go with her everyday outfits than having to spend time figuring out what looks good. We’ll do that hard part for her.


Who are we kidding, this mom is always going crazy trying to keep track of her little ones. She’s strong and so busy that she may not have as much time to spend on her appearance as the other moms, but she’s no stranger to cute accessorizing. This mom sticks with the essentials that pair perfectly with everything, especially that cute baby on her arm.

Because of that cute baby, this mom needs things that won’t attract her little ones wandering eye. Which means staying away from necklaces and long dangling earrings. She’s the mom that wears small post earrings and simply stunning bracelets. This baby mama knows how to make simple look like it should be on the runway.


Maybe the mom your shopping for is someone who doesn’t like when large excesses of money is spent on her. She’s the type of mom who wants to shower you with gifts but feels awkward when you spend money on her. So here’s our little solution with everything under $100. This way, you can still feel like you’re treasuring the woman who always puts you first, but she still feels like you’re not wasting things on her.

For this mom you need to pick something that’s as exquisitely beautiful as she is, but something that doesn’t draw too much attention. This type of mom doesn’t like feeling like she’s put on display. So a gorgeous pendant necklace or small dainty earrings are the perfect go to for this type of mom. Plus now when she gets upset about you spending money on her you can tell her it’s just a small token of your love.


No matter what unique kind of mom you have, or even if she’s a combination of these different mom’s, it’s important that you show her just how much she means to you. All the mothers out there have spent their lives loving and supporting their families, so now it’s time for you to do the same. A mother’s love is something worth treasuring, so remind her why you love her with something as extraordinary as the woman you call mom.

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