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Epic Gingerbread House


Epic Gingerbread House

When the Oswalds build a gingerbread house, they build one in style! This year, our founder and designer Lisa, and her daughter, Ivy, built an epic gingerbread house from scratch - complete with a rice krispy chimney, stained glass windows, and twinkle lights. This house is all about the details, and it took several days to complete.


Here's a step by step:

Step 1: Ivy used a manila filing folder to cut out the walls of the house to create a template. 
Step 2: The paper template was physically assembled with tape to make sure it could stand on its own and had the look and feel they were going for. 
Step 3: Once the template construction was complete, Ivy and Lisa rolled the dough and cut each cookie to the exact size of the template.
Step 4: They then baked the gingerbread it in the oven with gummy bears in the windows. While the cookie bakes, the gummy bears melt to create an amazing stained glass effect!


Step 5: After the cookies baked, the house construction begins! The house was held up by cans of soup while Ivy used white icing to “glue” each piece together.

Step 6: The roofing shingles were made of layered scalloped cookies. Each cookie was cut in half to lay flat, and each half was laid one by one with royal icing. 

Step 7: Each "seam" was completed with candy cane details.
Step 8: The front of the house was decorated with jelly beans and M&M’s to mimic colorful string lights.

As always, lots of Sorrelli was present...

Ivy layered the Leslie Cuff Bracelet in Midnight Moon and Crystal Envy, each comes in a pack of 3, for a layered look of 6 mixed metal bracelets.

Leslie Cuff Bracelet - GMMMO Leslie Cuff Bracelet - ASCRE
She also wears the Emery Layered Necklace in Midnight Moon & the Hadley mixed metal necklace in the Urban collection. The two bring the perfect amount of holiday sparkle to her casual look!
Hadley Long NecklaceEmery Long Strand Necklace


from Sorrelli Jewelry on Vimeo.



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