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Composting 101 with Lisa Oswald


Happy National Learn About Composting Day! Lisa Oswald Lead Designer and lover of composting

May 29th is the day we celebrate, learning about composting.  In honor of this special day, we spoke to our lead designer, Lisa Oswald, to hear her take on composting.


Lisa, Why do you believe in/love composting?

When I compost, I feel like I am contributing a small part to make a better planet earth while also feeding the plants I love. I’m a big fan of gardening, and composting is nature’s way of restoring the soil & keeping our earth healthy.  Composting feeds the soil naturally and my soul at the same time.


How do you do it?

To compost, you can use any organic matter except animal products & including grass eaters manure. You’ll need to exclude all meat & dairy (excluding egg shells). You can also use cardboard, but be sure to take off any tape or stickers! Add the weeds from your garden, grass clippings, twigs, branches and leaves, vegetable scraps from your kitchen, pizza boxes, and manure.

Lisa adding compost to flower bed

P.S. You can still make compost if you don’t have the manure.

STEP 1. Make layers of the vegetation, cardboard, manure and soak it with water.
STEP 2. Turn your pile with a pitchfork to aerate and allow the microbes to break down the matter.
Tip: Having sticks in your pile will help create natural air holes that allow the air to enter the pile on its own.
STEP 3. Depending on the size of your pile & how often you turn it, expect compost in 3 months to a year after that…
Voila…. you’ve got loamy compost to feed your planters or garden bed.

 Lisa Oswald walking through garden with compost pale


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