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"For Holiday 21', I was inspired to go back to my early days in the 80’s & early 90’s, when I was a young designer, using a mix of semi precious stones and crystal."

- Lisa Oswald, Founder & Designer

Read on for an exclusive interview with Lisa on these collections...

What was your inspiration for creating this collection this season? 

The collection is relaxed & feminine. Incorporating larger chains & semi precious cabochons with an overlay of metal & pave crystals. There’s a prominent beaded look with double sided charms and cabochons that run through the collection. The revival of today reflects the 80”s & early 90’s fashions. Style was relaxed & sporty.  Yesterday's stretch pants are today's yoga pants & stonewashed washed jeans are our overworn tattered jean looks of today.

The Holiday Urban collection has a few new design techniques that we haven’t seen before, what goes into creating that “crinkle” metal work?

We heavily manipulate the metal to create this look.  It takes individual hand work on every bezel used to create a unique & individual look. The crushed bezels and pearls gives this collection a very relaxed leather and lace feel that I so much enjoy. These pieces were created as a throw back to the grunge era of the early 90’s & is inspired by the relaxed, and over worn ripped jeans that are a fashion staple of today.

What is unique about this collection compared to past collections including design and stones?

This collection has more big chains, charms and larger semi precious cabochon stones.  In the Urban collection less is more. Most designs are simple and straightforward.  I love the simple large earring threaders we developed this season.  I think they are a wonderful addition & can be worn as an everyday statement without feeling out of place or over the top.

What is your favorite new piece from this collection and why?

I’m a big fan of the Urban collection with it’s crinkled and crushed metal pieces. It’s super relaxed and not fussy or quaffed. I love the metal combined with the natural & unique look of irregular biwa & coin pearls.  Most days I wear my favorite jeans and either an armful of bracelets or a bunch of long necklaces. I love to mix and match metals, chain, pearls & color together to fit whatever mood I’m in that day.


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