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Electric Pink

Catch eyes and rock your summer vibe in these 90's neons by Sorrelli's colorists. A blend of bright punchy colors like Electric Pink, Lotus Pink Delight and Electric Violet Delight - balanced with a tender palette of Rose Quartz, Powder Rose Crystal and Dyed Purple Agate. Dress it up, match it up, or style it eclectically - Electric Pink is the perfect opalescent blast for a fresh summer out!

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As seen in

"I didn't know that Sorrelli's entire collection is hand crafted... that's a big deal!"

– Anne, Sorrelli fan for over a decade

"My mom got me my first set of Sorrelli and I still enjoy wearing it.”

– Jen, Part of the Sisterhood since she was young

"I receive compliments all the time and I feel gorgeous."

– Maya, Comes from a family of Sorrelli lovers

"I appreciate the detail in design."

– Sherry, New to the Sorrelli Sisterhood

Premium jewelry, handcrafted to create lifelong connections between women.

Backed by a
lifetime promise.

Handcrafted by women we love.

The kitchen table quickly moved to a bigger office in our hometown of Kutztown, Pennsylvania. The family now includes all the cool women who handcraft our jewelry from our second home in China. Without them, Sorrelli wouldn’t be possible.

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93% female staff.

Two generations working together.

The kids grew up alongside the business and are now part of the crew. Lily, leads the way as CEO, Ivy is 2nd generation designer/creator and Collin handles everything finance, operations and data.

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Ethical sourcing.

Steps towards a brighter future.

We try our best to avoid waste, but what happens when we have obsolete items? A circular business model means we want to be responsible for everything we produce from cradle to grave.  

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