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Artisan Crafted Jewelry

Sorrelli offers a superb collection of premium-quality artisan crafted jewelry that features stunning combinations of brilliant Swarovski® crystals and elegant natural and synthetic stones.

About SorrelliArtisan Crafted Jewelry

Sorrelli’s founder and head designer, Lisa Oswald, began designing her signature sparkling jewelry in New York City after college and made each piece by hand on her kitchen table. Her sisters handled sales and marketing and, in honor of the family’s Italian-American heritage, Lisa adopted the Italian word for sisters (sorrelle) for her company’s name.

Lisa married, moved to Pennsylvania, established her design studio and started a family. Since 1983, Sorrelli’s incomparable handcrafted jewelry designs have become known and admired around the world and, today, the second generation of Oswalds has joined the ranks at the company headquarters in Kutztown, PA.

Adorn Your Wardrobe with Sparkle

In addition to semi-precious and synthetic cabochons, such as freshwater pearls, reconstructed turquoise, desert jasper and tiger’s eye, Sorrelli uses genuine Swarovski® crystals in the majority of our jewelry.

Swarovski® crystals are man-made, precision-cut gems manufactured in Austria. They have a brilliant shine that is far superior to the shine of an imitation crystal and will add dimension to any outfit.

Our skilled artisans create each design in a brass setting which is plated in a bright gold-tone, bright silver-tone, antique gold-tone, antique silver-tone, or gunmetal finish. The end result is durable, sparkling jewelry with a softness and weight that feels just like a fine handmade piece.

Find the Right “Fit”

If you were to open your jewelry box, would you find pieces inside that you never wear? It’s possible they no longer work with your current wardrobe or that you just don’t find them flattering.  Jewelry should always make you feel good about yourself, so here are a few things to think about when choosing necklaces and earrings to accentuate your features.

Necklaces: Dress up any look with sparkling Sorrelli pendants and statement necklaces to suit your style and personality. For a quick way to find the most flattering necklace length, measure the full length of a necklace you wear most often and double it. That’s likely the length that will work best with most of your wardrobe. If you look in the mirror and like the way the necklace looks, wear it!

Earrings: Whether you decide on classic styles or bold statement earrings, you’ll steal the show with dazzling Sorrelli handcrafted earrings. Consider the style and shape of the earrings and the shape of your face to find the most flattering styles.

  • Oval: If you’re blessed with an oval face shape, nearly any style will look great on you, from studs to short drop earrings to teardrops to long, dangling styles.
  • Square: Avoid square and diamond shapes that accentuate the squareness of this shape, but round shapes will look fabulous. Hoop earrings of any size are another glamorous and flattering option.
  • Round: Avoid echoing the roundness of your face with round earrings. Instead, balance it out with longer dangling or teardrop styles. Look for those with long, angular designs.
  • Narrow: To add fullness to a narrow face, consider round studs or button-style earrings. If you prefer longer styles, look for those that incorporate round clusters that dangle below the earlobe to accentuate your cheekbones.
  • Heart: Flatter the heart-shaped face with ornate chandelier earrings or long teardrops. Also look for earrings with elongated curves to balance out your face and draw attention to your eyes, cheekbones, and jawline.

Gorgeous, one-of-a-kind artisan crafted jewelry from Sorrelli is wonderful whether the occasion is fun and casual or beautifully formal.  Shop online from the comfort of your home, call us at 877.659.4374, or locate your nearest Sorrelli brand store or authorized retail partner, and add some sparkle to your wardrobe today!

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