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Summer 2021 Collections


Summer 2021 Collections

Happy Wednesday! Today we’re excited to announce our two new summer collections coming very soon: Crystal Azure (Launching this Friday) and Electric Pink (Launching on May 28th)! These collections have lots of bigger, more casual chains, mixed metals, and grungy inspired woven chains mixed with feminine colors and floral elements.

The first collection launching this Friday is Crystal Azure. It pairs aqua Champagne, Black Diamond, and Clear Crystals set in our dazzling rose gold finish.

Lisa’s design process is usually inspired by her materials. If she has an idea, she finds the materials that best suit the idea & manipulate them until she’s satisfied with the design. As an avid gardener, she also draws inspiration from nature and the shapes & forms that can be found when you deconstruct a flower or leaf.

The next summer collection, Electric Pink, will launch in just a few weeks on May 28th! Since the 90’s are making a huge comeback, Lisa was inspired by the bold neons of the time for this collection.

This vivid collection combines Electric Pink, Lotus Pink Delite, Powder Rose, Electric Violet, Electric Violet Delite, Crystal AB, & Frosted Light Rose, & Light Rose stones set in our antique silver finish. Electric pink is the definition of leather & lace because of the bright feminine colors styled in an edgy way that we think you’ll love.

Which collection are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments down below!



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Laura B.

Laura B.

May 14, 2021

Love the electric pink! It’s a very UP and youthful color combination for any age. Love the video too! Nice to see the “behind the scene” folks that have created this fabulous jewelry line. I’ve been a fan of Sorrelli for a long time. Since I’m in California, I’ll have to wait to see both new collections coming soon.

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