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Spring Seedlings

Spring Seedlings

Happy Wednesday! Remember the seedlings Lisa was prepping for her Summer garden a few weeks back? Today we’re back in her Kutztown barn to check in on their growth! If you haven’t read our first seedling blog, click here to see part one!

Spring has (almost) sprung, and it’s just about time to plant the seedlings in the summer garden. The snow is nearly melted, and flowers are even beginning to bud outside. As soon as the snow melts, and the ground can be turned, they’ll be ready to plant! Warm-season vegetables can’t go outside until after the last frost, while cool-season veggies can go outside up to a month before the last frost.

Lisa started phase 2 of her seedlings with the use of some mini handmade terrariums. They’re super simple to make, and you probably already have the supplies laying around your house. 

Seeds are put in a takeout container with a damp paper towel, then they’re placed inside of a plastic bag. It creates a mini greenhouse which keeps the seeds moist and warm to speed sprouting. You can see Lisa’s tomato sprouts above.

Today Lisa is wearing a simple all black outfit with a colorful scarf, and a little bit of sparkle from the Midnight Moon Collection. It’s a perfect wardrobe staple because the clear crystals and jet stones match almost everything!

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Who else is excited for summer gardening? Let us know in the comments below!

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