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Manufacturing Masks – DAY 1

As this COVID-19 crisis has spread across continents, countless friends in the healthcare community have relayed stories of scouring the country for masks. We need them in PA, we need them in NY, masks are needed everywhere to serve hospital staff, visitors, and patients. Here at Sorrelli, we asked how we could help. Two weeks ago, I asked our Sorrelli management team if we could use any excess capacity in our Shanghai factory to pivot, and make masks instead of jewelry.

Our team jumped into the idea, and within 3 days we had a sewing machine purchased and were testing prototypes for polypropylene-filters in cotton masks, a reusable design that would be a huge help to the hospital. Our LICA craftswomen and their fearless leader, Lucy, shocked us with their speed, willingness and ability. Currently we have the first batch of prototypes in a box heading our way, we’re anxiously awaiting the first batch to make sure the polypropylene filters and “pocket” design work for those that need them.


Supervisor showing volunteers how to make masks to be donate to hospitals  Testing the new sewing machine and how to make masks

LICA team learning how to make masks to be donate to hospitals  LICA Staff learning how to sew masks to donate to hospitals

We can’t wait to get these finished masks to local hospitals. We’ll update everyone over the next few days on our progress. Stay safe all, and keep sparkling.

Much love.
Lily Oswald & The Sorrelli Team

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