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Lisa's Summer Garden

Lisa's Summer Garden

Happy Wednesday! Today we’re with Lisa for a summer garden tour now that it's lovely and warm outside. This year she's sharing with us some new things she planted from seeds.

One of the things she planted is artichokes, which is a biannual, meaning they grow every 2 years. They don’t come back where we are in PA because it’s too cold in the winter, so Lisa has a trick so she can have them every year. You plant them from seed indoors, and when they have 3 leaves, you plant them outside in April to March. They harden off and get tricked into thinking they went through the winter.

This year Lisa also planted purple kohlrabi, potatoes, and another new addition to the garden: German Chamomile. It’s just ready for harvest when the leaves start to fall back, and it smells divine. Lisa harvests them and dries them to use all summer.


Lisa’s has on lots of Rose Gold to match her summer glow. She’s wearing the Dreams Hoop Earrings and Ambretta Long Necklace.

Happy gardening! What did you plant in your garden this summer?



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