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Have the Best Brunch Ever!

What better excuse do you have for serving brunch than the Easter holiday? None! Admit it you love brunch just as much as we do and this holiday is the perfect time to have it. So we’re here to help you with your planning, because let’s be honest we just love brunch and want to talk about it. So here are Sorrelli’s brunch-time must haves to throw the most hoppin’ Easter brunch ever!


Who are we kidding, the most important part about brunch is, of course, the food! It’s simply not brunch without an array of delicious food to have you and your guests feeling great this holiday. Bake your favorite monkey bread, and try out some of those creative Pinterest food recipes that we all know isn’t going to come out looking the same but who cares.

But most of all, what we here at Sorrelli love most about Easter brunch and the food/drink you serve…mimosas! Yep we said it. Mimosas our by far our favorite part about brunch, so be sure to craft up some of these yummy drinks for your of age guests. Sorry young ones, looks like you’re stuck with orange juice. Just make some delicious foods and drinks that your guests can love because everyone knows that when the stomach is full, so is the heart.

We know that this can be one of the most tedious aspects about the day that can easily be forgotten about, but decorations are cute, easily accessible additions that make your brunch stand out just a little bit more. Feature some cute pastel colored plates and napkins, plastic if you can because we all know you’re not going to want to do dishes later. I know I don’t. String up streamers with cute little bunnies on them.

Don’t forget the eggs! What truly is Easter brunch without the eggs? And if you don’t feel like eating them…use them as decoration! If you’re feeling particularly crafty, try out some Pinterest DIYs to make cute construction paper eggs for your wall. Or maybe dye your own eggs the day before with the children to have a fun bonding experience. And if you’re like me, just go to the store and buy some cheap decorative eggs, because we’re in no way crafty.


Every Easter, people show up in their best outfits, having newly bought dresses or shirts. So as the host you need to look even better than them, simply so they can’t tell how crazy you’ve been going trying to get everything ready. Put on your new dress, or even recycle an older one. There’s nothing wrong with wearing the same dress every Easter. Grab your favorite necklace that somehow matches the dress. Pick up that new ring that your significant other just got you. Make that simple dress stand out just a little more with your sparkling accessories.

But don’t forget that your hair and makeup are also as important as your outfit. Go natural on the makeup, because you simply don’t have any time to do anything else. You’ve been working in the kitchen all morning so doing makeup is a quick “shove it on your face so you don’t look crazy” type of thing. Pull your hair up in a simple updo, because you didn’t have time to wash it. It’s a simple completion of your outfit that makes you look effortlessly beautiful.

This part of the brunch is a tradition that’s simply not possible to have brunch without. Plus, it’s an easy way to make the children have a little fun, that will then knock them out so you can have a little peace and quiet for a bit. Hide them in varying spots throughout your backyard with candies, chocolates, or small gifts inside. Don’t have a backyard? Not a problem. Hide them inside! It doesn’t matter where you hide them as long as you’re all having fun

But what if you don’t have any children to participate in the egg hunt? Have an adult egg hunt! Fill the eggs with candies, chocolates, or small gifts like bracelets. Let’s admit it. Adults are easier to please than even the kids. Or, if you’re feeling especially generous, pick up some small shot sized adult treats from the local store and stick them in the eggs. Your guests will be so happy about these eggs-citing treats.


It’s up to you which treats you decide to take advantage of, but either way, you’ll be hatching a great Easter brunch!

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