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Happy Father's Day (from a brand new mom)

Typically on Father’s Day I think about my dad, Kermit. He helped found & grow the Sorrelli business and raise my 3 siblings and I. He’s what I think of when I think of “dad”.

Lately, there’s a new guy in town who goes by the name of “dad”. My husband Matt became a father back in January to our son Julian. I’ve borne witness to not just a child growing in our household over these last 23 weeks, but a man who has turned into a caregiver, a protector, and a father in every sense of the word. From diaper changes to 3AM wake ups, Matt has been a trooper, a super dad. He told me last week that he actually loves starting his commute home from work because he can’t wait to see his baby boy when he walks through the door.



Parenting has been a wild ride, and sometimes life stresses compound and we can be short or curt, impatient to each other as partners. But as parents, as a dad, Matt is on his A-game at all times. He’s patient, kind, funny, and the most loving. He is excited to wake up every day and be the best parent he can be to Jules. 

Just one generation ago, it feels like most women bore the brunt of the parenting work. My mom was not only a working mother, but she cooked dinner, cleaned the house, took care of my siblings and I, and sometimes felt like a parent to my dad too. In my household, I’m so fortunate that my husband is a partner, we split our housework and our parenting responsibilities equally. If I cook, he cleans and vice versa. If I spent 15 minutes breastfeeding the baby, he’s down to handle the next diaper change. Sometimes I feel like I dodged a bullet, if I was born just one generation ago, I probably wouldn’t be saying that we are in this parenting journey together as equals, as husband and wife. 

So here’s to all the dads who are stepping up, changing diapers, and supporting their families not only financially but in the home too. Running a household is a ton of work, there is always laundry to fold, dishes to clean, a counter to wipe down, and a diaper to change in ours. And lucky for me, I have a new dad in town who is willing to tackle all of the above with me. 

Happy Father’s Day Matt, we are so lucky to have you. 

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