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Fall-ing in love with Sorrelli

Summer is quickly coming to an end. For some this is the time to get the kids ready to go back to school, move into a new dorm, or just be excited for the crisp fall that is around the corner. Either you are over the hot and sticky summer days, or you are sad that the long days and late sunsets are numbered. Personally, this Sorrelli Girl is ready for the cool Autumn days and leaves on the ground. Honestly I am counting down the days until Pumpkin Spice everything is back and the daily grind is sweetened by my favorite spiced coffee. For now, we should soak up all of the sun possible and enjoy those last lingering sunsets before the weather starts to cool down. Below are a few looks that will help you transfer between the steamy summer nights and crisp Autumn days!

One of my absolute favorite collections out right now is Army Girl. This collection is a modern take on one of our classic colorways and has been resurrected and reconstructed for a new spin on the former Army Girl. Notes of deep greens and jade are offset by hints of unexpected pink and peach crystals. These colors can be paired with an array of outfits which makes it the perfect staple while transitioning from summer to fall. Pair this with either a flowy sundress and bomber jacket, or a pair of distressed jeans and a oversized sweater for a versatile look.

Check out some outfit inspirations!:



Pictured Jewels:

Crystal Assorted Rounds Post Earring in Army Girl– $60.00

Perfect Harmony Line Necklace in Army Girl– $170.00

Twinkling Thistle Necklace in Army Girl– $120.00

Heads or Tails Ring in Army Girl– $35.00

Well-Rounded Crystal Line Bracelet in Army Girl– $155.00


Another great collection that is perfect for the back-to-school transition is Rustic Bloom… a subtle multi that is both naturally rugged, yet elegantly refined. The light array of crystals paired with natural semi-precious stones bring together the collection’s eclectic vibe and gives the wearer an effortless yet glamorous appeal. Just like the Autumn leaves, this collection is meant to mimic the colors of nature. With their light feel and colors, you will be able to wear these pieces for many seasons to come.

We love these pairings with Rustic Bloom!:



Pictured above:

Classic Chiffon Line Necklace in Rustic Bloom: $165.00

Cultivated Cabochon Necklace in Rustic Bloom: $350.00

Petite Geo Ring in Rustic Bloom: $45.00

Gingham Classic Line Bracelet in Rustic Bloom: $135.00

Large Mixed Media Hoop Earring in Rustic Bloom: $55.00

Precious Petals Necklace in Rustic Bloom: $185.00

Semi-Charmed Necklace in Rustic Bloom: $145.00

Singular Sensation French Wire Earring in Rustic Bloom: $50.00


Fun Fact: Our founder Lisa Oswald has an absolutely incredible garden at her farmhouse nestled in the hills! Lisa spends a lot of time in her gardens and perfecting her green thumb. The sprawling flowers and beautiful foliage are often an inspiration for her collections, along with the pure beauty of nature that streams into the designs of Sorrrelli Jewelry.  Haven’t heard Lisa’s story before? Here is the bio of our Sparkle City founder, Lisa Oswald.

Lisa Oswald is the creative force behind the Sorrelli brand. She is the founder, head designer, and co-owner of the company. After graduating from Kutztown University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Lisa moved to New York City and started designing fun costume jewelry that she herself could wear to friends’ parties in the streets of downtown Manhattan. Lisa began her jewelry enterprise out of her Brooklyn loft, where she made each piece by hand on her kitchen table. Lisa’s twin sisters, Susie and Sandy, joined the company in the early days to help with the sales and marketing of Lisa’s creations. The three sisters come from a strong Italian-American heritage, thus the name Sorrelli. Sorrelli is an appropriation from the Italian word for sisters, sorrelle.

In the late 80’s Lisa and her husband Kermit moved to Pennsylvania where they converted an 18th century barn into their jewelry design studio and started a family. The couple still live and work in Pennsylvania and continue to produce the signature “antique-inspired heirloom” designs Sorrelli has become known for.

Today Sorrelli remains a family business, with the second generation of Oswald children joining the ranks at the headquarters in Kutztown, PA. Sorrelli strives to create beautiful, durable jewelry that will be treasured for decades. By caring for your Sorrelli Jewelry you can make sure it lasts for generations. We hope our product continually brings joy & confidence to the women who wear it.

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